We understand what a daunting and lonely place you can find yourself when starting (or thinking of starting) a new business venture. We have expert knowledge of the various different elements that need to be considered and actioned when setting a business up for a successful launch and a sustained operation. Through not only our experiences but industry proven techniques and methodologies, we have put together a course that will define what steps you will you can use, to provide you with the best possibility to succeed in your endeavour and that you will have an enjoyable and profitable experience.

Target Group

Virtually anyone who is thinking of starting a business, irrespective of the industry. It is also a beneficial course for those business owners that are looking to refresh their operations

Delegates Prerequisites

No prerequisites are required to undertake this course.

Aims and Objectives

At the end of this course, the attendees will:

  • Identify and develop entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Have the tools and techniques to build a sustainable business

  • Understand the market that you operate in

  • Strengthen your entrepreneurial mindset

Course Content

  • Creative thought processes

  • Idea generation methods

  • Defining and validating your business idea

  • Psychology and Motivation

  • Finding a mentor - why and how

  • Choosing a business name

  • Logo and colour psychology

  • Business structures and which one is right for you

  • The 7 P’s of marketing

  • Using SWOT and PESTLE to analyse your marketing environment

  • Using social media as a tool

  • Creating a website

  • What is inbound marketing and how to utilise it effectively

  • Seeking financing for your idea

  • Financial forecasting and budgeting

  • Legal and regulatory considerations

  • Technological considerations

  • Using CRM’s

  • Supplier and vendor management

  • Branding Networking and PR Matters

  • Your working environment

  • Health and safety considerations

  • Creating a business plan

  • What is the business model canvas and how do you use it?

  • USP’s and value propositions

  • Sales and marketing

  • Channels

  • Sales pitches

  • Business startup checklist

Course Methodology

This course is an instructor led classroom based environment, always guaranteed to be taught by an expert. The classes will be conducted over 2 days. The course consists of a blend of lectures, application, individualistic and team based exercises. All other materials will be provided to the attendees in the classroom environment.

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