Minitab is a software package used in data analysis for Business Improvement projects and initiatives. Minitab is able to can compute complex calculations and is a staple tool for Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma projects.

Target Group

This course is specifically for:

  • Those involved in quality control

  • Those involved in the analysis of business data

  • Those who are involved in process improvements

  • Those looking to attend six sigma courses

  • Any field that utilises statistics

Delegates Prerequisites

No prerequisites are required to undertake this course.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the programme is to:

  • Allow the user to gain an in-depth knowledge of Minitab and how to undertake statistical analysis using the software

  • Create and utilise control charts

  • Be able to produce statistical analysis from various types of data using Minitab

  • Interpret the results from Minitab output

Course Content

  • Introduction to Minitab

  • applications of statistics - how we can use it to gain crucial insight into processes

  • Statistical terms

  • Minitab report manager

  • Types of data - continuous and discrete

  • Graphical tools and methodology

  • Confidence intervals

  • Non normal data

  • Capability analysis

  • Central limit theorem

  • Control charts for variables

  • Calculation of the confidence interval for the mean in variables and attribute data

  • Hypothesis testing

  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

  • Correlation and regression

  • Multiple regression

Course Structure

This course is an instructor led classroom based environment, always guaranteed to be taught by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. The classes will be conducted over 3 days. The course consists of a blend of lectures, application, individualistic and team based exercises. Please note that attendees will need to bring their own laptop to attend this course. All other materials will be provided to the attendees in the classroom environment. At the conclusion of the course the participants can obtain a certificate.