One undeniable truth is that no matter your race, religion, colour or creed everyone is given the same number of hours in the day. So how come there are those that seem to be getting so much done in the same time than you can? One reason is that they most likely can manage their time better than you can. However, time management is a habit that you can learn and our course is designed to get you on the right path and do so quickly.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the programme is to enable the delegate to:

  • Become more efficient and get more out of every day

  • Learn to avoid or manage distractions

  • Use time management techniques and tools

This course is ideal for

Anyone that would like to improve their time efficiency.

​Course Content

  • The benefits of good time management

  • How to organize and prioritize to get more done

  • learning to manage your email

  • Managing your calendar

  • prioritising your tasks

  • Planning processes

  • Using time scheduling

  • Creating boundaries

  • The use of ​technology in time management - getting things off your mind