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1:1 Coaching Sessions

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Time & Location

Millennial HR Consultant

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

About the event

Surprisingly, only a small percentage of individuals will take advantage of 1:1 coaching services, maybe they don’t see the value it has to offer, but the truth is 1:1 coaches have no ulterior motive but to land an individual a job of their liking. 

The Millennial HR Consultant team includes numerous experts from across a range of industries. One thing we share in common is our passion for coaching others and our extensive experience and knowledge. Having already run phenomenally successful 1:1 coaching sessions across the Middle East region, Caspian region, Asia and North America. We possess the proficiency to provide you with a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable 1:1 coaching experience.

Our principal goal at Millennial HR Consultant is to help our clients be even more successful than they are now, be even better leaders than they are now, and be more effective management than they are now.

So, you would be forgiven for thinking this website is meant to persuade you to hire us to coach you. You might be thinking, “this is a coaching company, of course they, are going to try to persuade me to hire a coach.” And for some companies, that may well be true. BUT we are a little different.

Our Approach

As Coaches we use our intuition, provide one to one coaching and, create awareness by asking curious and powerful questions. Perhaps most importantly, we coach our clients to notice self-perceived limits and become aware of different perspectives, so that they can break through their own hurdles and achieve things they did not know they could achieve.

Of course, we hold our clients accountable throughout the personal coaching process. The steps we go through with our clients are engaging, enlightening, empowering, exceling and emerging. This style of one to one coaching, encourages the client to find their own solutions through structured and insightful questioning is referred to as the “Accelerator Approach.”

Our Process

We generally meet for one-hour sessions and then come up with a plan for how many more sessions would be required. Our clients tell us they very much look forward to these opportunities to “reflect” and “think” – two things so few of us find time to do in our busy careers. During this time, your coach will provoke new thinking and deeper analysis by asking probing questions and pointing out observations that may not have been apparent. Your coach will push you to consider the “why” behind things; to solve problems, you have not previously solved and to reach successes, you have not previously obtained.

Experienced, Educated and Certified

The coaches at Millennial HR Consultant are ALL internationally certified executive coaches. This sets us apart in the marketplace. You will be able to interview us and choose the coach who most resonates with your needs.

Why an individual will seek Coaching? 

There are many reasons but some most important are listed below:

  • Explore different options and gain new perspectives.
  • Interview coaching – your competition is strong and using an executive coach helps!
  • Take control of a challenging issue
  • Make a career transition
  • Achieve clarity on an issue of importance
  • Explore your leadership style and how you impact others
  • Manage stress
  • Receive support as a working parent
  • Prepare for a return to work after an extended leave

How Do I Select a Coach?

When choosing a coach who is right for you, we suggest you consider a few things:

  • What do you want to accomplish? Has the prospective coach helped others in similar circumstances? Can they share examples (without names, of course) or do they have references they can share?
  • Is the prospective coach certified? Are they trained in coaching through a Graduate level education?
  • Do they have their own leadership experience?
  • Do your timelines fit with the coach’s timelines? How often do you want to meet, how long do you want the contract to be?
  • Do they have a strong confidentiality policy?

As a result of the coaching experience, clients develop their potential and apply it productively in the workplace. The more they practice their new skills, the better they get at it. From past experiences, we have noticed that clients tackle bigger challenges with more confidence and skill and achieve better results for their organizations and themselves. We believe coaching is an investment in the client’s capability as it pays back year after year. Don't forget to book your sessions now.

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