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Executive Search, White & Blue-Collar Staffing (Tech/Non-Tech roles)


Time & Location

Millennial HR Consultant

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

About the event

It is no secret that there is a “war for talent” in the business world to win the best and brightest employees. See how Millennial HR Consultant’s talent acquisition services can help you take on this challenge and find the right people for your organization. Millennial HR Consultant’s advisory group has created a unique and customizable approach where our team will serve as your strategic talent acquisition business partner throughout the employee lifecycle starting with the recruitment phase.

Our insightful team of recruiters are passionate about recruiting and have been matching top-performing and rising professionals with the right career move and are experts in industries including Oil & Gas, Engineering, FMCG, Retail, Plastics, Facilities Management, Hospitality, Telecommunication, Logistics, Manufacturing, Aviation and many more. They have a knack for finding needles in the haystack and bring with them over 10+ years of experience in-house and within an agency. We provide an end-to-end recruitment approach from sourcing, screening, selecting, and onboarding of job candidates. We not only focus on active but also on passive candidates who might not be looking for a new opportunity.

How is our recruiting model distinct?

We will have an on-site presence, meet with key stakeholders, learn about your unique needs and ensure our acquisition strategies align with your organization’s goals and future growth plans and strategies.

  • Our direct recruiting services will keep your talent pipeline full, for both current and future openings from entry level opportunities all the way up to overly complex and strategic positions.
  • When we say we are your recruiting arm we mean it! Our team will handle all your recruiting events.
  • Our team will track your applicants, review CV’s, and select qualified candidates that come from the internal company hiring portal or any third-party postings.

When it comes to the future of your organization your employees are vital to your success. In an environment where top talent is hard to come by, finding the right hires for your organization can be tough. Our team is here to help you take on this challenge and find the right people to lead your organization towards a more successful future.

Direct Placement

In many cases business leaders do not have the time they would like to dedicate to the recruiting process, but getting it right is still a high priority to them. In other cases, business leaders have struggled with finding the right fit and determined that they just do not have particularly good luck in hiring. Whatever your reason, you are in good hands. We dig deep to learn the ins and outs of your organization, its culture, personality, and quirks; we get to know your team; the nitty-gritty details of the position and then we go to work and get it done. We will deliver to you highly qualified candidates that will thrive in your culture. We do this through a time-tested, proven process – ensuring that the candidate’s we present to you have been living out your values well before landing on your doorstep.

Front-End Recruiting Support

Our Front-end Recruiting Support Service is designed to save your time and energy on the often-dreaded stage of developing a job description, posting to the most effective job boards for social media outlets, and initial candidate screening. You can sit back and relax knowing that we’ll deliver all of the candidates that have the potential to fit the role, while leaving you in control of culture fit, face to face interviews, group interviews and deciding on the candidate that is right for you.

Talent Acquisition Training

Could your team use some training and development around recruiting, interviewing, and/or hiring? We will empower your current team to be just as effective as our team. We will actually give you the secret sauce! You will just have to stick to it to reap the rewards.

The Services we provide are listed below

  • Executive Search: Executive search is a dedicated method of executive consulting that clients utilize to help them find well-qualified executives to fill positions that are out of their reach. This process is performed by certifying that they hire the right individual at the first time, thereby saving costs.
  • Recruitment - White/Blue Collar Staffing - Tech & Non Tech roles:  Providing our clients with white collar staffing from all over the globe with the help of our Recruitment Experts. Specialization in Junior, Mid & Senior level appointments of all categories whether it is for permanent, temporary or contract placements.  We are specialized in Recruiting blue collar staffing in bulk or small numbers from the following geographic markets: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Africa, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Egypt, and Eastern Europe.  
  • Recruitment Campaigns: Ignite interest and attract top talent with our innovative and targeted recruitment campaigns, enhancing your employer brand.
  • Excellent Relationships with Government Institutions: Benefit from our robust network and outstanding relationships with government institutions, ensuring a seamless and compliant recruitment process.

Industries we have recruited for over the years  : Engineering , Oil & Gas, Construction, Financial Services, Hospitality, F&B , Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking, FMCG, Facilities Management, Aviation, Telecommunication, Retail, Marine, SaaS and many more.

Recruitment is all about placing the right people in the right positions. Our qualified recruiters deliver outstanding services with tailor made solutions as per the clients needs. We believe in understanding your requirements as this is key for yours and our success. What you waiting for, contact us right away for your Recruitment needs.

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