10 Creative ways of employee recognition!

Have you ever felt underappreciated at work, then you know exactly how important it is to recognize employees. In many cases, attrition rates can be directly correlated to employee recognition. Many business or bosses may feel like they can’t afford to recognize or reward their employees, but this not necessarily has to be expensive as there are other inexpensive ways as well. People aren’t solely motivated by money, and smaller, sincere gestures of gratitude can be even more powerful than a bonus or additional money into their pockets.

The golden rule here is to recognize in public, and “criticize” in private. Employees are not only looking for rewards for their great work, but most like to be recognized for the work the accomplish.

Recognize them for their efforts. Anytime they do well, recognize them in front of their peers, your superiors, and any other leadership team. Recognize them at every chance you get. The earlier you recognize one’s accomplishment, the more inspirational it is for that person.

Here are a few ways of recognizing your employees:

1) Say “thank you” – simple right? Many bosses forget to do this and take it for granted. Whether this is through an e-mail, or verbal, or even a handwritten card, a sincere thank you goes a long way.

2) Give public shout outs – Not just a good job, or a pat on the back, but a public acknowledgement. This can be done through an email blast to the whole company, or the team, depending on the accomplishment. You can create a Slack channel for recognition that all employees can view and comment on. Additionally, an announcement can be made at a company meeting, on the intranet site, or in the break room. Handing out a plaque with their name on it, with an “Employee of the quarter” is a great idea. There is nothing more fulfilling and motivating than seeing your name plastered in the company break room.

3) Acknowledgement from the CEO – One thing I like to do is send the praise directly to the CEO, and let him or her take it from there. Usually the CEO will blast this out to the whole company. This is a great way to inspire and motivate people as well.

4) Forward praise from customer to the company – Many times employees will receive praise from customers, or internally – blast this out to the company.