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A Change To Yourself From Glossophobia!

Quote: - “Confidence is when you believe in yourself and your abilities, arrogance is when you think you are better than others and act accordingly.” - Stewart Stafford

Many people are afraid to stand up in front of the public, whether it is to give a speech, to give a message of good luck at your best friend's wedding or to be invited to a class. Luckily, you can make speaking in public less worrisome by using these suggestions. It may not be one of your favorite items, but you also do not want to be pushed in front of the listeners. That is why if you adopt such guidelines, you will change your life and will feel the confidence inside you.

How to overcome the fear of Public Speaking?

Believe in yourself

It is necessary to have faith in oneself for any major task. People often say that we will not, it needs to be changed, stop thinking that there will be no work on earth that humans cannot do.

So always think positively and tell yourself that I will definitely do it, I will do it, this will instill confidence in you and you will have confidence in yourself to do that work and you will feel a distinct power within you.

Prepare your speech yourself

It is often seen that people get a speech written by a writer before speaking on the big stage and then use it to speak on the stage which is absolutely wrong because what is written in the speech is not you but his or her thoughts who made it. Give yourself time to prepare your own speech as mastering the art of public speaking does not come from memorizing each word written by others or yourself.

Make the audience part of your speech

Whenever we speak on a big stage, we just go on speaking, at that time we do not imagine that their audience is listening. If they are listening then how interested they are, so it is important that you create a 2-way interaction with the audience to be a part of his speech.

From time to time, you should keep asking them questions or you should humor them by making them laugh with stories from your own life that are witty and legitimate. This keeps the interaction between the audience and the speaker… So, we hope that by adopting these measures, you will be able to speak easily on the big stage and I can guarantee you with practice either by doing this in front of a small group of friends or co-workers and you will succeed. There will be no hesitation or discomfort.

Overcome your fear of public speaking and boost your confidence with these few do’s and don’ts as listed below.


  • A great way to become better is to watch and listen to great public speakers and analyze what makes them successful. You can research for these on various social media platforms and follow them.

  • Do not be ashamed of your mistakes. Demosthenes was an eminent speaker in ancient Athens, despite having no barriers to speaking. A good public speaker can overcome these obstacles. Learn from your mistakes to make yourself better, so if you do not fail you will not succeed.

  • Try to include some people you know in the audience. Even better if these were the same people with whom you practiced public speaking. This will help you feel more comfortable and familiar.

  • When you ask questions to engage your audience, try to have a question that they can answer easily, and then confirm and refine their answer with their thoughts and opinions.

  • Always Practice in front of a mirror, no matter how stupid you believe this looks!


  • Try to avoid a lot of hand gestures. This may make you feel nervous. If you want to give a good speech, then you need to prepare in advance.

  • Before public speaking. Dairy products and overly sweet things can cause difficulty in your speaking, as they cause phlegm in your throat. Similarly, things with very much odor (such as garlic or fish) should be avoided.

  • Watch the pace of your speech as you do not want to speak to fast or too slow and lose the interest of your audience.

  • Do not ever look at slides and read out from it. This will only make your audience feel that you are ill-equipped.

Remember that every speaker at one point had a fear of public speaking and have gone through many failures, practices, and learning experiences before they turned out to be better at it. Do not be discouraged and keep practicing!


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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