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Application of lean into HR!

Lean concept has been in existence for a prolonged time. Its application started in different industries. However, there are companies still that are trying to understand the lean concept and how it will benefit their businesses. Nevertheless, the lean concept offers companies essential methods of reducing wastes that influence customers and employees.

Every organization has common guidelines for delivering different products as well as services to esteemed customers. Therefore, lean helps them in understanding the processes by streamlining them, making a product or service available at friendly costs.

The lean process, therefore, is the identification and understanding of the wastes that affect the business. Most manufacturing industries positively look at inventory. For instance, if there is a product ready to be shipped to the client, the lean process helps the organization to deliver the products to the client faster and maintain a good relationship with the company and clients.

Advantages of Lean application to the HR

It is the responsibility of the HR experts to have diverse knowledge in understanding the direction of the organization by leading the way. Therefore, it is significant for the HR professional to start by understanding the concepts as they gain experience. Most organizations fail to implement lean because of fear of getting out of their comfort zone. Ultimately lean involves aiming at improvement and seeing if it works out and regularly making follow-ups and improvements.

HR needs to implement lean even without a comprehensive organization because there will be substantial beneficial changes. Therefore, HR should talk with internal customers to find out what they need and how it can be provided to them in modern days.


Productivity also improves through the functions of HR. Hence, lean first must have awareness and willingness to change. It also requires commitment and discipline to ensure the improvements are rolling. Informing the whole organization is significant for successful implementation while starting with the senior leaders. If it is not possible to implement lean in the entire organization, it can begin from departmental levels as the individuals act as lean champions in the company.

The principles of lean focus on the establishment of a culture that includes everybody. It aims to eliminate waste within the surrounding environment, delivering products and services by streamlining the process that reduces value-based activities, thus leveraging the abilities of different people. The principles are commonly found among people and in their operational areas. Besides the laws are used in office conversation and human resources.


Overall, the main goal of HR Lean is to establish a culture that will continuously eliminate waste processes to promote the delivery of high-quality products and services and align practical skills with responsibilities. The HR service deliveries have similar goals that are essential in all lean activities. Employees who bring more commitment and value to the organization carry out the tasks. The workforce, therefore, spends most of its time identifying and planning high-quality hires, and in this way, they reduce more waste and increase active and reliable employee turnover.

How is your company applying lean principles into daily HR activities? Has lean impacted the way you operate and think? HR & Lean; is it really about people or processes? Any thoughts?


Written by:

Girish Rohra Chawla

FB: @millennialhrconsultant


Instagram: @millennialhrconsultant


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