Bullying: A Step Towards A Dead End

Quote by:-

“Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right.”

Theodore Roosevelt

The word 'Bullying' is common terminology used to indicate an ongoing misuse of power and aggressive behavior demonstrated by children and adults. In other words, the imbalance of power. It is an issue which has caught the attention of the world in the recent decade. From every level of education to even the corporate world, its existence cannot be refuted.

Types of Bullying

There are three ways in which bullying is prevalent.

1. Physical - When someone is harmed physically by bully using acts such as:-

● Punching, kicking, and pushing

● Inappropriate touching

● Extortion

● Excluding from group

2. Verbal - When someone's feelings are hurt through bullying by acts like:-

● Spreading rumors

● Threatening

● Racial comments