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Career Planning - Centered around Employees

Career planning is the process of developing human resources to manage people to obtain optimum results and this can only be accomplished by integrating individuals as well as organizational needs.

Organizations attempt to design career plans which have a progressive outlook and without which organizations cannot prosper. Through career planning the employees not only develop their career goals but also identify the ways to achieve these goals.

This helps individuals to remain competitive in the evolving labor market by constantly upgrading competencies as part of their objective fulfillment efforts. Career planning acts as the basis of guidelines for tracing the career progression an employee achieves during his tenure within an organization, hence it enables the organization to foresee the future by identifying competent employees to occupy the most key critical positions.

There are innumerable professions in the world labor market and along with that there are a variety of talents available in abundance. When someone sets on the journey of self-discovery; one of the most important thing that comes to their mind is the question of what they should do, that will ensure a sustainable future for them.

In our growing society and education system, the biggest hurdle what comes during career planning are the standards set that organizations consider it to be a benchmark without considering each person’s individual capabilities and limitations.


Career planning is the collective responsibility of the organization and the concerned individual, the process of evaluation of the different aspects of an employee are:

  • work performance and efficiency

  • self-worth

  • personality

  • lifestyle and career goals form the major part of career planning


The main aim of career planning is to help the employees achieve career progression within the organization. Career planning assists in finding those who could be progressive and can notch higher positions in the future.


Organizational changes have altered career paths for many people. Individuals have had to face career transitions whereby these transitions have emphasized the importance of individually centered career planning which focuses on the individual’s responsibility for a career rather than the organizational needs. Individuals focus on opportunities that help them in the future to achieve their goals, which helps them create a logical career path.


Effective career planning focuses on both organizational centered and individual centered perspectives. Organizational centered career planning aims to provide progression between people and the organization therefore a good career planning program includes talent management and succession planning.

Career workshops are conducted to educate the employee about opportunities and help them with their planning. The approach an organization uses to enhance careers should provide opportunities for individual growth and development.

The organization should now follow a hierarchical structure and should try to involve more innovative ways for employees to move through jobs whether it is upward or it’s a lateral move. Employees are often feeling stranded which can lead to frustration and disappointment. As a matter of fact, employees are to be shown possible routes to fulfillment so that organizations have more satisfied workers.

In simple terms career planning means to premeditate something before materializing it, the reason to do this is to minimize the risks and to maximize our advantage to define a path which will help us in achieving our career goals.


Written by:

Girish Rohra Chawla

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