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Consumer Behavior: Digital Marketing Effect

Businesses have taken a giant leap from traditional marketing to Digital Marketing strategies. It is a wise decision by the business owners as the customers are more prone to online search. Any customer these days has his hand on looking for a review for any product. The companies have taken steps towards improving the digital marketing strategies to cache on opportunities. It is an unsaid rule that people coming out of the digital world are nowhere closer.

The strategies utilized by the businesses to attract business using digital marketing as a weapon works out most of the time. In fact, the strategies are clinically made after intensive research on consumer behavior. The detailed analysis of the market and the customer approach sets the tone for such strategies to sprout. But what is the impact of such strategies on consumer behavior? Let us see that in detail.

Customers Turned Research Experts: Yes, have you noticed this. If you ask anyone about any product under their knowledge, they may give you more information than what you are expecting. The customers know how to and where to navigate things to understand anything. It can be a birds-eye view or an in-depth reading, it fetches considerable knowledge to the customers. Moreover, the comparison of one product with the other is always on their mobile click.

Digital Reviews Most Sought: Now, this is a slightly traditional marketing technique in the digitized world. If you know that a certain product was bought by your friend, 9 out of 10 times you will certainly buy the product even if the marketing expert of another model shows you a better product than the one your friend had bought. Same way, the customers are more inclined to online reviews. They believe what people say about the product. If there are a substantial amount of positive reviews, the company is sure about selling another 4 million pieces this month.

Customers are not Brand Loyal: This is a transition phase, and people have started buying products which have better products. They are not looking at the brand but the value the product adds to life. This is the most important aspect that digital marketing has done to the consumers. The customers have a wide range of options and those options come with a variety of offers. They are open to switching loyalties at any time.

Low Tolerant Customers: They have the liberty to voice out their opinion from anywhere in the world. They can be in the dining room and type a review of a product or service. If they do not like it, you will get to see a huge essay type review. At the same time, a positive review is of few lines.

The customer's susceptibility towards online content rules the business world. There are a few wrongdoers who purposely post negative reviews about a product or a service. The Online Review Management (ORM) strategy must put things in place. Consumer behavior in this digital world has been evolving year on year. Companies that are ahead of their competitors are staying in sync with their consumer behaviors, tastes, styles, preferences, and forthcoming developments that help them remain noticeable and significant in the marketplace.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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