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Depression: Fighting Adversity!

A human brain is more unpredictable that one can envision and whatever that is causing you mental health should be cause for concern, so do not take it casually, as this is your life and it only comes around once upon a time! Regrettably, many citizens have plunged into depression/anxiety due to a lot of factors such as the global pandemic or any other fear like bullying, financial situation, rejected by society, loneliness or struggling to find a job opportunity.

Many individuals end up in so much depression that they opt for any of the following measures:

  • Committing suicide,

  • Self-inflict injuries by cutting or burning themselves,

  • Get addicted to drugs and other substances that harm their body,

  • End up having health concerns or relationship dilemmas.

I know being in depression can be a “pain in the ass” but in this vigorous era it is every citizens obligation to support the ones in need whether the individual is your friend, colleague, family member or an acquaintance or even a stranger! Remember, such feelings or thoughts are transitory, and it will pass by.

Since not everyone can confide in friends or family due to confidentiality; there are other alternatives such as counselling with a psychologist so they can understand your current state of mind. You never know what someone is going through or what is on their mind, so please be kind-hearted as it is not easy to be in their shoes!

During any point of life any human being must have gone through such a situation where everything feels depressing, but if someone is in imminent risk of harm, call the law enforcement immediately. Never give up your life for depression. Life is more beautiful than that! Speak out now before it is too late!



Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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