Do Open Offices Environment Suck?

What comes to mind when you think about an open office environment? For others, it is a great, Millennial-style office space straight out of Silicon Valley, complete with low-slung sofas, coffee tables and foosball tables. On the other hand, others see it as an ineffective petri dish in which they must struggle to sustain their focus. Here are ways of promoting an open environment and reducing oversharing. It is not difficult to create an egalitarian, sharing culture that motivates workers.

Here are easy steps to creating a collaborative environment.

Photo sharing

Everyone posts photographs on social media with families and friends and fostering this interaction in the workplace is a perfect way to promote a shared community and help workers bond. It can also be a vital source of information for recruiting and promotions because images convey much emotional material.

Create communities of concern outside of the workplace

Eighteen percent of employees state that they would be more committed at work if they enjoyed their coworkers. The issue is not personal conflict; it is a lack of resources to bond. Encourage staff to form relationships outside of project teams, talent management, and form relationships focused on secret desires.

Organize team-building events

Organizations host a variety of monthly gatherings. Teams also play in philanthropic activities, escape rooms, and human foosball games. These social outlets may significantly affect human body chemistry, enhance cognitive functions and efficiency, and increase tolerance to new ideas.

Eat together

Most significant holidays revolve around food. Eating together is one of the most natural ways for people to communicate. According to recent studies, it also increases worker efficiency and improves human resources.