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Does HR Have A Future Or It’s A Function That’s Dying?

Human resource management (HRM) has had a very long and varied history. The increasing role of human resource is important in technology or business leadership and this helps in driving strategic growth for the company. Today we can see and even feel that the role of human resource is continuously changing and as they do more activities than just hiring, firing and impacting the experience and analysing the future work and positions of the employee.

Today it is responsible for a number of activities such as enabling, engaging and empowering the employees by creating the employee experience, promoting the growth of an organization also ensuring that the employee feels worthy and supported at his workplace. Being Leaders And Mentors Rather than enforcing rules within the organization HR representatives are now seen as mentors and leaders because of which the employees prefer interacting with them to provide them with suggestions or adequate feedback of how to improve their experience and gain insights regarding improvising their career. Shaping And Leading Strategy Earlier HR did not have much impact on the overall organization but in today’s world they help in shaping and leading the strategy especially as the organizations have realized how the HR can impact the employee experience which further influences the evolution and revenue. The employees who are content and happy can play a huge role in the overall success and growth of the organization thus the role of HR in shaping and leading the overall strategy. Changing The Workforce From A Defined One Into A Dynamic One As the workforce is changing frequently, the department should be ready to meet those challenges. With changing workforce, the approach of the HR’s towards the employee’s experience also changes. More employees work in HR so that they could apply the experience gained in other areas too thus, the department gets new opinions and directions creating a more united workplace. Human Resource Management Focuses More On The Best Outputs Of An Employee With the growth of Human Resource, there is a shift towards a more interaction with the employees. It plays a major role in their daily life activities and rather than focusing on their inputs the HR tries to encourage the employees for a better quality of work and seek the best out of them. Implementing New Policies And Designing New Programmes For Employees The new approach helps HR to quickly design and implement new ideas. With the advent of technology, the department must act quickly to turn plans into action and stay close to the trends and build an environment reflecting the needs of the organization. Today we see HR in almost all the organizations such as schools, institutions, hospitals and many more. The HR world is going through a drastic change to increase the involvement of skilled workforce focusing on the needs of employees, their well-being and empowerment by implementing new technologies. Thus, one can say that no matter what happens in the near future and with all the changes taking place in the working world, HR shall always be present in almost all organizations.


Written By:

Girish Rohra Chawla

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