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Employer Branding Strategies: New HR Arena

Employer branding is amongst the most critical elements of every organizations brand management. Explicitly identifying the employer brand should help job applicants find a suitable job and attract employers to recruit them. When the employer's branding approach is well planned, the customers can have a strong competitive edge. Highly developed companies use the element of branding to increase their businesses & stay ahead of their competition.

Most employers always think about the employer brand while defining the future of the workers. Therefore, based on how the employer treats the employees, it will determine the value proposition of the employee.

Implementation Process of Branding Strategy

Recruiters always know how to implement an excellent branding strategy through the use of different employer ideas. Here are, therefore, some steps that need to be followed while implementing an employer branding strategy.

Defining employer branding objectives

First, you need to get a glimpse of your goals and achievements against the branding strategy. There are some prevalent strategies for employers. Some of them include:

● Getting more applicants

● Getting qualified candidates

● Improving online engagement

● Employer awareness of the brand

● Building trust with existing candidates

● Inviting more career site visitors

● Raising referral ratio

Identifying Your Candidate Character

This is another crucial step. If you do not know the exact thing you are looking for in a candidate, then it won't be straightforward for you to have an efficient communication. Therefore, it is the employer's responsibility to understand the persona of their candidate to create a good employer branding strategy that will work effectively for all parties.

Defining Proposition of Your Employee

It would be best if you always understood why employees prefer working with you, why they are not quitting, and what they like about your management. All these things need to be known so that you can create a productive workplace branding plan. Giving excellent answers to these questions will explain into details regarding your employee proposition.

Defining the Channels Promoting the Brand

Candidates go through several processes before they are hired in different positions based on their applications. This is therefore referred to as a candidate journey. Most of these touchpoints are channels that promote the employer brand.

Gauging branding success with the employer

The Human resources analytical strategies and hiring metrics are among the main goals carried by HR Professionals. It is essential to consider the achievement of the employer branding strategies, based on the objectives that are set on the initial step.

There are many advantages to having branding strategies for employers. This is a representation of more significant opportunities for both human resources and marketing functions.

Finally, in the modern days, it is essential to overlook the organizational brand strategy as well as how the brand is perceived for an employee. The best practical way to ensure there is a commitment from the employee is by building a strong employer brand that is identifiable and they can relate to. This way, both employers and employees will work under a good relationship to increase productivity as well as profitability.


Written By:

Girish Rohra Chawla

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