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How Empowering Managers Can Help Employees Feel Empowered!

A good organization is where employees feel empowered on their duties and responsibilities by their managers. This causes them to do their work freely and can discover innovative solutions for their issues at departmental levels. For any business to succeed, employees ought to be engaged to take care of any issue they may experience regardless of whether if it is not within the job responsibility.

To build an active market, there is a need to have two types of empowerment, the top down that is from the manager to the employee and sideways from one worker to another worker. When colleagues embark on empowering each other, the office becomes full of happy and productive people.

Learning on the techniques of empowering others in the workplace is an excellent idea for people, especially in support roles like HR, IT, as well as office management and for any other individual within any other role in the organization. Therefore, it is essential as an employee to focus on empowering your colleagues to obtain more time on your work and spend less time in answering similar questions from time to time.

The Importance And Benefits Of Empowering Others At Work

The idea of empowering colleagues may not be an easy task; for instance, when you work at the IT department, where co-workers try to fix their machines on their own may be a challenging task than a goal to pursue.

In any case, the empowerment role is not getting your colleagues to fix their issues with no information. It is providing information as well as permission necessary to allow them to fix their problems without creating additional obstacles.

At the point when employees have data that they should be fathomed without anyone else, you will invest less energy in unravelling the issues, and this implies you will have additional opportunity to do things that make your activity job enjoyable and challenging.

For example, you unravel about 75% of reports of PC challenges by asking co-workers to reboot the machines. This means that you may spend almost three-quarters of the day asking people to reboot computers as they wait for the programs to restart. However, this means you may not describe your work as challenging and enjoyable. But when people know they must reboot before asking for help since they are empowered to do so, then you will free up the 75% time of rebooting in doing other challenging and rewarding things.

In this way, you will have more productive time as well as your colleagues since they will not wait for you to solve their challenges. Thus, empowering others promotes more productivity and happiness to everyone within the office environment.

How To Empower Employees To Take Ownership

There are different ways to empower another while at work, they include, creating trust, soliciting feedback, providing instructions, showing appreciation, recognizing limitation, and simplifying discoveries.

Overall, the best approach to workplace empowerment is focusing on a specific method. Every method should be used in the right situation to make the employees feel empowered truly. However, when empowering workers to complete the task with minimal risks, always ensure the advantages outweighs the risks.


Written by:

Girish Rohra Chawla

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