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How Social Media Influences On Civilization!

Social media has become an immensely powerful medium of expression. It is a platform that is not only for personal communication, but it is also related to political and social concerns. It is an important medium of communication with the people sitting in different corners of the world, as well as it is playing an important role in the field of contact, communication, entertainment, and job but the right use of every facility is necessary. In today's time, everyone is getting addicted to social media which is giving rise to various issues related to cybercrime and society. Social media is affecting society both in positive and negative ways.

Positive Impacts:-

  • Helps to expand the business:- A large amount of text data is generated daily on social media. Companies use these data to study the behaviour of consumers. They are analysed by using many techniques of analysis; organizations gather the information about their target customers, their behaviour, products, and with the help of this information, they enhance their business.

  • Easy communication:- Social media is a new platform that serves as a medium for people in society to exchange ideas, connect with them, seek advice, provide guidance, and reach out to as many people as possible. Social media has removed communication barriers and created a decentralized communication channel and opened the door for everyone to participate in their ways democratically.

  • Increasing the knowledge:- This platform accommodates a wide variety of formal, informal, scholarly, and informal writing. This enables common interest-based groups. It also promotes creativity and collaboration with a wide range of commentators on many issues such as education, economy, politics, background, health, relationships, etc.

Negative Impacts:-

  • All the time, compare yourself to others:- People who are always active on social media always compare themselves to others. Because of which they often harm themselves to show that they are better in the eyes of others. The negative impact of this can be seen clearly in the family as well as ourselves.

  • Loneliness:- People who use social media more often suffer from loneliness because they spend most of their day on social media and the virtual world. He/she start getting disconnected from the real world i.e. family, friends, and relatives, and only like to relate to the social media world because of which, people close to him/her slowly start getting away. After a period, they start to feel alone.

  • Addiction:- One believes that social media is more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol as it has the power to attract for you to be on it continuously daily, even without you wanted to get on it. Social media attracts to keep you addicted on multiple platforms so that you can keep visiting multiple sites so that you can keep scrolling through ads or ways of how one can make more money. Your eyes get glued to social media completely.

While on one hand, society is defined as living together and interacting with each other as a group of individuals of all classes; on the other hand, social media is a great need of a

changing society and a revolution for the digital world. Along with this, it is proving to be the reason for social breakdown. Today's society, especially the youth, is falling prey to such political communal and religious phenomena which are dangerous for the internal security and peace of the country along with personal and social life.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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