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How To Resist Your Anxiety Of Making Mistakes

Mistakes are an indispensable part of our lives. No matter which streams we belong to or what tasks we perform, in one or the other way it is completely alright to goof up. Making mistakes is not something that we wish to do, but sometimes it just happens. With millions of bits and pieces hovering around in our mind, it happens that a few times while performing a particular task, we may make some mistakes. To make mistakes is not in our control, but how to regulate them lies within our hands.

The biggest reason, due to which we commit mistakes is the fear of making mistakes. The more we are scared, not to make mistakes, the more we fall in doing the same. If you wish to know how to overcome this fear, stay tuned to this post till the end!

Accept your mistakes

Acceptance plays a vital role if you wish to fight back against something. Once you make yourself understand that a time will come such that you will end up making negligence; half of your journey is sorted. Acceptance makes you realize that making a blunder does not lessen the quality of your work or your efforts. It is OK if you make a mistake, but what counts more is the acknowledgment of your mistake.

Magnify your Mindset

When we continuously think regarding the misstep that we can bring about, our intellect narrows down to the same. This makes us neglect the positive aspect of the hard work that we commit. The fear of making a slip makes us fall even harder and does not let us stand and continue our journey. Opting for a broader mindset will not only enhance our mental growth but also give us the strength to face the fear of our mistakes.

Talk it out!

You are not the only one who makes mistakes and gets caught up in the blunder. All humans are liable to make mistakes, and so are you. Being sacred will not aid you at all, thus it is better to develop an intense conversation among your closed ones. We all fear making mistakes, and each one of us has their unique way to fight back this suspicion. Talk regarding your fears to someone close to you, tell them how you feel, and what all you have tried to conquer your anxiety. Many a times, just having an intense conversation will diminish your fear to a great extent.

Look for the motive

No matter what you do, there is always a deep motive that makes us perform the respective task. The will to do a job is always greater than our fear, otherwise, you might not be doing it in the first place. When you focus on this motive, due to which you have undertaken the commitment of the task, you do not have time to think about your fears.

Think about the guiltiest possibilities

When you know about the worst things that can arise as a result, the fear of committing mistakes gets nullified. Once you think about your mistakes and the worst result, the chances to bring about a mistake gets reduced. This emerges a new zest of confidence in you and boosts you to go ahead!

The formulation of the universe is simple, what you think, you attract. When you concentrate on your mistakes, you are allowing the Universe to create them. When you focus on the motive with a broader intellect, accepting all ups and downs, you accomplish your goals. It is a saying that everyone makes mistakes, and everyone must deal with them whether they are successful or not, but it is how you recover or learn from them that will define you from the rest.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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