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HR Certification: How Worthy Is It?

Every person working as an HR Professional knows that the job of an HR is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. HR Professionals know how many things you must manage while working as an HR. And the cherry on top is the competition that HR’s have been facing because of increasing job demands. Certifications play an important role in shaping our career. The most common certifications that HR individuals decide to pursue are: CIPD, CPLP, SHRM, SPHR, GPHR, APTD, and APHR.

One of the competitive factors is the certifications that you can get to be better than everyone else. But is an HR Certification worth all the trouble that you must go through? The answer to that question is a big YES. Certification in the HR field is more important than you might think. The reasons? Well, we have a list of them. Read on to know more.

Makes you more knowledgeable

Being more knowledgeable than others never hurts and adds a plus point in your resume. When you study any kind, of course, the best thing about it is that you are more knowledgeable than a Non-certified HR in the same field. Which is a plus point because you are up to date about all the latest methods and know-how to handle any unwelcome situations at the job better.

Increases earning potential and demands respect in the organization

Being a certified HR Professional helps you get higher pay as compared to other non-certified HR professionals applying for the same job. Giving you a more competitive advantage in the organizational hierarchy. It also helps you get more respect from your colleagues as you will be more qualified and well suited for the job. Is anyone getting second thoughts?

Helps prove value to your employer

If you are new in the field of HR, certification can come in handy for you. Certification makes it easier for the employer to understand how the person is deserving of the role of the HR. Certification also provides better development opportunities as it indicates that you are willing to learn more about the role of HR than others in the organization.

A better choice for promotions

It is understood that having a certification in HR makes you a better choice for promotions. A certification helps accelerate your career better. If the management must consider a non-certified and certified HR for a promotion, the choice will be simple. Other factors such as experience and reference from past employers also play an important role in this case. But if both the candidates are equal in other factors, then a certification will certainly help you.

These were some of the reasons to get a Certification in HR. Certifying yourself is a real investment on your part and one should recognize which certification is right for them based on the expertise they hold. It helps in making a clever move for your career. Even if you think you might not need it, we hope these reasons will change your mind. Because learning something new is always helpful. What do you think? Did we change your mind? Tell us what your thoughts are.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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