Is Not Speaking Up Hampering Your Team's Productivity??

Leaders understand that productivity brings value to the organization and the team. Therefore, highly rated employees in any organization are those considered high-value owners in the company with extemporary work habits and personality. These employees are always organized, keep to-do lists of their work in hand, and are highly skilled at prioritizing their work.

Another element of successful employees is their ability to get things done. The main thing that sets top performers apart is their communication behaviors at the workplace. However, based on research on top employees, they also seek help, and they are not afraid of asking questions when most needed. This, therefore, means for any productive organization employees should always talk and seek assistance.

High performing employees will always speak out their minds. However, speaking is not an easy thing to do, most employees have tried to air out their voice and opinions, but they end up being shut down. When team leaders create a speak up culture, they should swiftly foster a psychological safety measure. This helps employees to raise concerns whenever they are attached without being ridicule of any fear. When employees feel attacked for speaking out their opinions and ideas, they will adopt a fight mode rather than having an honest conversation. This, in turn, will hamper your team’s productivity.

Communication, productivity, and psychological safety are linked. Therefore, it is possible to have employees with excellent management skills but still feel they do not have enough psychological safety to tell their managers they will miss the deadlines. In this case, communication and speaking up will be essential in managing such situations. Failure to which the team will be experiencing low productivity because someone does not feel safe to speak up.

The fear of speaking is regarded as a personal barrier to any productivity in an organization. In several ways, getting things done right is the primary task-oriented way and not communication matters. Therefore, as a leader, it is necessary to take the human element of productivity into account. Knowledgeable leaders understand that silence will create a riffle increase in mistake opportunities and misunderstandings that will diminish the productivity of the team.

There are several reasons why a team may not deliver the results as they are expected to. Besides poor time management, the communication barrier is another significant impact that contributes to reduced productivity in an organization. If failure to speak out is the leading cause of reduced productivity, then you, as a leader, will step in and help in addressing the problem. However, if the leadership in the organization does not support speaking up, then it will not happen, and productivity will be low from time to time.

As one would say speaking up in a professional manner can boost the morale of the individual and the organization. Once you start getting into a