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Negotiation is an everyday part of the business world, whether it be externally with vendors clients and suppliers or internally between your departments​. Most of the time you don't even realise your negotiating when you actually are. Possessing better negotiating skills will mean more favourable outcomes for yourself.

Our Course

To assist you becoming a better negotiator at the conclusion of the course we will encourage you to Construct a personal development plan and then our instructors will give you personalized feedback.

Target Group

Suited for those in leadership positions within a business when dealing with many different individuals and personalities Professionals seeking to further their careers Managers holding senior positions that wish to further their skills

Delegates Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites required to undertake this course.

Aims and Objectives

  • Understand the strategic, interpersonal and psychological aspects of negotiations

  • Learn important concepts and practical tips obtained from negotiation research

  • Understand the entire negotiation process

  • Understand the difference between negotiating and selling

Course Content

  • Managing cultural differences

  • Effective negotiation sequences

  • Overcoming obstacles and deadlocks

  • Building Rapport

  • Negotiation Roles

  • Buying Signals

  • Different types of mediation

  • Negotiation preparation

  • ​Power and persuasion

  • Emotions and confrontations

  • Cultural issues

  • Negotiation styles

Course Methodology

This course is an instructor led classroom based environment, always guaranteed to be taught by an expert. The classes will be conducted over 5 days. The course consists of a blend of lectures, application, individualistic and team based exercises. All other materials will be provided to the attendees in the classroom environment. At the conclusion of the course, there will be an exam and a certification can be obtained upon attaining the passing grade.


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