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Physical Fitness Activities For Busy People!!

Physical fitness implies more than having just a good physique and health. It means possession of strength and endurance. These two factors help a person face various everyday challenges to survive through stressful situations in an effective manner. Having good physical fitness also indicates the controlling power of emotions and engaging in recreational pursuits with ample energy.

According to health statistics practicing physical fitness daily will benefit in:

  • Making you feel and look in healthier shape than you were before.

  • Increases your chances of living a longer life expectancy.

  • Helps in saving those health-related expenses and diminution risk of diseases.

  • Partake a better lifestyle as you end up being more active, and sleep better.

  • Increases your mental health and social wellbeing.

The modern-day stressful routine has led us into believing that it is more important to live a sustainable life. Earning money and identifying a steady status for ourselves in society has become a priority for us. We choose to be negligent of the fact that health comes first, and it MUST always come first. Physical fitness is the key to survival. As you know a future cannot be controlled but we can control our health.

Keeping busy is good but overstressing is uninvited. Do you know that a little stress is required so that our mind stays alert? Being overly stressed and tensed about situations we cannot control can lead us into complete non-functionality. So, what can be done? Is there a way? Well! Of course, there is. But do make sure you consult a healthcare expert before you start any sort of physical fitness routine.

How to make the most of your physical fitness if you are busy individual?

  • Eat healthy: - Being occupied in a 9-5 hours job can be hectic. These hours matter as you are expected to be mentally alert. And mental alertness depends on our brain focusing on the given situation. Working on an empty stomach is the biggest distraction. So, it is important to fill that tank with loads of nutrients. How? Replace your normal fried food, pizza, burger lunch with salads, veggies, lots of drinking water, protein, milk etc. It is better to pack homemade breakfast or lunch instead of ordering in every time. Plan your food intake and control beverage intake at work. Instead, add green tea, homemade shakes, fruit juice in your eating habit. This bit will do the trick.

  • Bench (desk) press: - Finding it hard to take proper time for a workout. Well! Who says it is a must? Whenever you get a free break, do desk presses of 10 sets each. How? Place your palms on the working station and press your chest against the desk keeping your back straight.

a) Do not lean or bend your back

b) Keep foot firmly placed on the ground

c) Do not make weird sounds like ugh, grrrr or any other

d) Do not move the chairs or desks from their place

  • Postures: - Handling big data and files or working on computers for longer duration can limit our movement. Some of us have the habit of reclining our backs and crouching which is not good for the body posture. Whenever possible, try to sit with your back straight. You can support your back using a soft pillow. You will notice that your body starts resisting improper sitting postures once you make it a habit to sit with a straight back.

  • Squeeze workout time in: - We know work is important, but so is your health. It would be insensitive to hit the hardcore gym workout straight. However, while you can try, we suggest you wake up early in the morning and spare at least 45 minutes of workout, yoga, cardio or even play a sport you admire to start your lovely mornings. You will feel rejuvenated and ready for work.

  • Bathing: - Make it a point to take a bath whenever you come home from work. Do you know that in Japan, most of the Japanese do not take a bath in the morning and leave straight for work? It is their belief that all the dirt, tension, and stress is acquired throughout the day and not night. So, they wash off that work stress by taking a bath after coming home from work. Interesting right!

These were some of the methods that you can implement and maintain to stay fit if you are a busy person. We also shared information about the culture of another country that practices a unique way to release stress, which was something new to me as well. If you also know about other ways to stay fit while being busy, please don't hesitate to share it with us.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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