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"Remote Work Increasing In Popularity"

The days when people used to work for 8-10 hours a day or even more depending on the workload are almost diminishing. Since the current generation is taking over the workforce, the regular considerations on what work looks like has drastically changed. As a result, there is a significant change in the traditional expectations of different workplaces to more alternative career choices.

The workplace that is gaining popularity is remote working. This means there is a high percentage workforce that has turned into working remotely. So, we will discuss the reasons why many people choose to work remotely that going to offices.

Remote Working Allows For Better Work-Life Balance

When you work from anywhere, you have a lot of time free than otherwise, you would have spent to commute to the office. Thus, the extra time creates a better work balance. Remote employees have more time pursuing other activities of their interest. Being a remote worker gives you more freedom and gets things done without thinking about how unlucky you are, especially when it comes to Mondays when you need to hit heavy traffic. The flexibility of the location allows you to pursue your hobbies together with work. You get to explore new places and spend extra time with loved ones and families & friends.

Since there is no bound to strict schedules with fixed working hours, remote employees take full advantage of different activities that would be impossible to accomplish. Moreover, remote workers can dedicate more time to personal goals and wellness as well as access better nutrition while working from home. They can prepare fresh and healthy meals every day.

As remote working creates unprecedented flexibility, as an employee, you can customize your workplaces and schedules. This as a result increases employee’s satisfaction and increases productivity significantly. When considering the working statistics, it is said that remote workers are 13 % more productive when compared to those working from offices.

Remote Working Can Help Save Companies Money

As remote working is beneficial to employees, employers also get to benefit through telecommunication. This means many leaders in the technology industry where remote working is a norm, believe that remote workers lessens the office space and thus decreasing overhead costs. Telecommunication also helps these companies to limit the expenses that occur as a result of having brick and mortar office space. Some of these expenses include electricity, furniture, interior decoration costs coffee and snacks and many other related costs.

Remote Working Is Good For The Environment

When the climate changes it becomes a real threat because most companies investigate ramping up their agendas. Hence, remote working is the best way of doing so, and this has been proven to have a post-impact to the environment. This is because remote working eliminates the need for commuting for long distances that intern reduces the emission of carbon.

Overall, besides offering the right work balance, lowering the overheads of the company as well as safeguarding the environment, remote working enables employees to retain their talents and work for people from across the globe. All these perks, therefore, make remote working a revolutionary in the future.


Written By:

Girish Rohra Chawla

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