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Solving Employee Conflict Management

Often, employees do not get along with each other due to lifestyle differences or differentiated opinions. When there is discord in the company, everyone comes to know about it. Likewise, the tension in the office situation becomes uncomfortable, negatively affecting business productivity as well. Establishing conflict management is fundamental as it helps in reducing conflict occurrences among employees. As a manager or business owner, you must try to resolve the conflicts as soon as possible to maintain a healthy environment.

Certain tips on solving employee conflicts in organizations:-

Clarify why the conflicts arrived

The first step is clarifying the source of conflicts. Besides, discuss the problems with both the parties and decide on a mutual agreement. Continue to ask questions until you know that both parties have understood the issues well.

Listen to what everyone has to say

Take everyone to a private and safe place before discussing the matter. Additionally, give equal time to the parties to solve their queries without favoring anyone. Provide an assertive approach while speaking at the meeting. This will encourage both parties to talk appropriately about their problems and give honest opinions.

Try investigating the problem on your own

After listening to both parties, investigate the problem on your own. Likewise, do not prejudge and conclude on the matter. Dig deeper into the issues and what both parties feel about it. Keep a confident conversation and listen keenly to comprehend the problems well. Summarize all the statements said by the parties and replicate back to them if you find anything confusing. Likewise, try finding out some underlying sources which might not be noticeable in the beginning.

Find out ways to meet a common goal.

Keep a common objective while managing conflict. Further, to solve any problem, be aware of the stages of the battles you will face. After clarifying the sources, sit down with the parties and ascertain a common goal. Finding the source of conflict is the main direction towards solving the problem.

Agreeing on the best resolutions

Employees will find it easy to understand the conflict if there is only one goal describing its goals. To agree on the best solutions, identify the solutions where each of the parties can live on. Find common ground to help in resolving the conflict. Identify the root cause of the problem and make sure that this problem will not happen ever again.

Deciding on the preventive strategies

Effective communication is the key to a healthy workplace. Moreover, try to meet the companies' organizational goals and keep an eye on the issues arising. Decide on the preventive strategies for the future you might take. This will help to solve when the issues resurface and nurture communication skills by training.


Conflicts are part of day-to-day life. At times, it is only when conflict arises that mysterious obstacles are brought up. It is extremely easy to pin the blame on each other, but frequently, the reasons for conflict go way deeper. Additionally, you can disagree with employees, but there are steps for solving it. If you have conflicts with the employees, find out the best ways of unravelling them.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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