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Sales at its most fundamental level is the ability of a business to cover its expenses determines whether it will have a stable operation, provide opportunities for growth and it is normally a good indicator of the health of the organisation. Even if a business has a great business idea, great location, technology and furnishings, without sales, it would have all been for nothing. Therefore this means effective sales leadership is crucial to the health and direction of a company. If the company does not have a clear goal or vision for developing the sales function, it would be extremely difficult for the company to achieve its corporate objectives.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the programme is to enable the delegate to:

  • Enhance your sales strategy

  • Improve sales performance

  • manage customer relationships

  • Creating bespoke client value propositions

  • Track your sales performance by using the right metrics

  • Learn how to identify ‘buying signals’ and ‘close’ your sale

  • Position products and services

  • Learn how to provide customers with a complete solution

This course is ideal for

  • Senior sales staff

  • Senior management (including CEO's, Directors, VP's )

  • Those looking` to move into leadership positions

Course Content

  • Introduction to sales

  • Personality traits and attitudes

  • Strategic mindsets

  • Strategically aligning sales goals with corporate vision and targets

  • Time management

  • Using the SMART model for goal development

  • Competitive analysis

  • Micro and Macro analysis

  • Profit maximising strategies

  • Tools and techniques

  • Sales presentations - preparation and delivery

  • Client relationship building and pipeline Management

  • Negotiations and closing sales

  • Creating value propositions for enterprise Customers

  • Creating strategic advantage

  • Change management

  • Sales forecasting

  • Motivating the Sales Force

Delegates Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to take this course.​

Course Methodology

This course is an instructor led classroom based environment, conducted by an expert. The classes will be conducted over 3 days. The course consists of a blend of lectures, application, projects and exercises. All other materials will be provided to the attendees in the classroom environment. At the conclusion of the course a certification can be obtained.


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