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Strategies for Managing & Motivating Remote Employees

In the modern days, many companies are opting to have a remote workforce. During COVID-19 lockdown, companies that remote workers could deliver their services normally without leaving their clients stranded. However, managing a remote workforce requires unique strategies to meet the business goals.

When you have employees scattered across the country or even a continent, you'll face challenges, including time barriers. But with the best strategies, the managing director can turn these challenges to the company's advantage. Let us find out the best strategies for managing and motivating your remote workforce.

Set clear expectations

As much as you want your remote workforce to be productive, it will not be fertile if you can’t set clear expectations. In case you need them to work within a given timeframe, it is ideal that you inform them and make sure they get it. As a managing director, you can encourage your remote workers to allocate and mark the times comfortable with them.

Additionally, check out that the company schedules do not conflict with time zone differences and other challenges. Suppose there is a departmental meeting, make follow-ups, and hold every employee accountable.

Improve on your communication techniques

Any organization without proper team collaborating may not perform at its best. To ensure productivity, you should invest in proper communication tools and techniques to ensure all your employees are on board. The most important thing you should ensure your remote workers have is a string of internet connectivity. You can pay their cellular bills to motivate them while ensuring they attend to your clients effectively.

Making regular calls to your remote workforce will make them feel included. Additionally, you can create instant messaging and chat platforms to encourage informal communication between workers. For proper telecommuting, consider holding virtual meetings and making video calls to assess your employee's emotional and physical feedback.

Nurture a growth mindset

Becoming a remote worker can be challenging at times because one believes they have no room to improve. However, a careering manager can encourage their workforce by nurturing the growth mindset. It is worth focusing on personal improvements rather than being obsessed with performance goals.

If a company cares too much about its growth, its online workers may feel like they are not cared for. The manager shouldn't discourage employees who risk enhancing their skills and improve confidence; instead, they should have full support. When your team develops their skills, it will upgrade their status and improve their company's input.

Focus on Accomplishments, not Activities

It is always hectic for many to manage to work online because there is some sort of destruction at home. Furthermore, it does not benefit your company if you pay too much attention to the workers' time on activities. But if you have preset goals, check if the employee managed to accomplish that task in time by the end of it. It would be helpful if you encourage your team's achievement in their efforts towards building to the success of your firm.

Trust your Team

Finally, you need to trust your team if you expect the best from them. Whenever you start doubting your team members, they will feel like you do not mean well. As a result, their morale will reduce, and they will never do their best.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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