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“The Battle for Talent: Attracting the Crème De La Crème”

The battle for talent is increasingly becoming a significant concern to many human resources personnel in every organization. Human resources have realized the need to recognize, attract, and retain the top performers in this extremely competitive market.

However, to find talents, there are different things that should be taken into consideration during the hiring process. Having evaluated the market; here are top trends that will help any company overcome competition in the battle for talent and the challenges that they face during the process.

Employee Engagement

As per statistics we can see that approximately more than 87% of organization consider this as their topmost challenge they face as many of them believe they don’t have proper programs in place to engage and retain employees. As observed Employee Engagement is exceedingly important. The more engaged your employees are the more productive they will be on their daily activities and certify higher returns for the organization.

Empowering Employees

When employees are empowered, they will always feel loyal to the organization and will be connected to the brand. Therefore, companies that practice empowerment with their employees will have high employee engagement and high retention rates as compared to those that limit themselves. Thus, employers should empower employees by giving them essential tasks and power to make decisions. The potential, therefore, gives them the reason for staying loyal and engaged at work.

Good Communication

Communication is necessary; however, constant contact may hinder the efficiency of the company. When a person shares more information, there is a possibility of getting less engaged. When you interrupt an employee with communication the entire day, they will feel that it is their responsibility to help other workers; this will, however, lower their productivity and cause them more stress.

Hence, the organization should create a stress-free environment for communication. It is also essential to consider asynchronous communication. As an employer, you should encourage employees to communicate and collaborate effectively to attain the expected results. When the immediacy is crucial in the business, you should schedule time and work without any interruptions.

Recognition Is Important

It is good to recognize and appreciate the employees' work. This will help employees to view their work as responsibility and not a burden, and they will feel appreciated by what they do. This is another way of promoting battle for talent amongst employees.

Employees Crave Growth

Every workforce in any organization values growth. Most millennials tend to leave their work when they feel they are not appreciated for what they do. This is therefore apparent that employees will want to be engaged in environments where they are recognized. However, promotions or whatever it takes them to make them grow in the various departments they work in is essential.

Employers must emphasize the growth of the company by valuing the efforts of employees. This can be achieved by having an open discussion with employees on the skills they would love to learn, the positions they would like to grow as well as the timeframe for all these to be effective. Having a continuous conversation, the employees will feel that the organization is investing in their professions, and they will have excellent opportunities in the company.

Work-Life Balance

Another way to address war for talent is through Work-Life Balance. This is very critical in today’s ever changing world where more and more individuals value this initiative within companies. Initiatives such as corporate wellness programs, flexible working arrangements, having fun activities at work or outside work by ensuring that the work environment is more attractive.

Depending on which initiative your company tends to pursue but following the above directions will be the best way of fighting the battle of talent and ensuring that this leaves a positive impact on the organization's bottom line.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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