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The Dreadful Reality - Corporate Politics!

Ah well here we go again with the Corporate Politics; don’t we all hate it immensely? This is an obscene act by the staff that creates a cold war. Corporate politics is like cancer, it happens without symptoms first. But the results are devastating. It is an act that establishes unethical work practices. Many people are involved, and many people are affected in this process, so are you one among them? Well if you feel you are one of them then typically such behaviors tend to develop a constant source of apprehension, resentment, and a real threat to job security.

Corporate Politics | A Menace

It is an official way of backbiting. Talking ill about others, spreading rumors have become common these days. This has gone to such an extent that it may spoil the decorum. In fact, the concept of groupism starts from here too. There are many ways to avoid yourself from being caught in this. If followed effectively, you will be in peace without any distractions.

4 Steps to Glory

Avoid being in a Group: The most important step is to be with everyone. Do not get yourself constrained to just one set of people. It is highly advised by the experts to mingle with everyone. This sets an example of being street smart. Moreover, this helps you to know many people in the office.

Detach Quickly: This step is an art. There will be many instances at the office where you will be involved in personal gossip. Now, this is an alarm. This is a situation where you must cut yourself from the conversation. It is always better to be a water droplet on a lotus leaf.

Say Yes when Needed: There are instances where it may be required of you to accept other people’s work. You must be cautious in accepting it. It is better to accept it spaciously with everyone and only when you have the time and resources to do it. Most importantly think twice before you accept.

Say No when Needed: This is also equally required. In fact, this sets a standard in the team. Do not keep accepting and do not keep rejecting often, keep yourself unavailable for others when you are busy.

The 4 steps mentioned above shall perfectly brand you among your peers. It is good to develop a professional relationship in the workplace.

Few other Quality Tips

Other sinister but critical ones may cause you to be in corporate politics.

Avoid taking Money: This is sure a No, No. This shall create a wrong image at the office. Do not take money from people if you need it. Keep your financial state intact so that you can avoid such instances.

Avoid Using Office Properties for personal work: This causes integrity issues. Please do not use any of the office properties for your personal use. At the same time be watchful of others if they are using your desk items for their use too.

Be a diplomat at office parties: This is a trend these days, where the office arranges for office parties. When such instances come, ensure you do not say NO. You attend it and be very diplomatic to everyone. Keep everything to a limit and leave the place if it is getting too late for you to reach home.

Stand For your team: Be sure that you are protecting your teammates from attacks by others. You will always have to resolve disputes and ensure that it stops from spreading out externally. Always protect and defend your team!

After all, Corporate Politics stems out from being personal with people. It is always better to have a boundary set for yourself. Corporate politics can be hard to manage as they can get out get out of control but if you play a major part in stopping them from spreading then you are playing your part. Corporate politics happen all the time whether it is positive or negative one should learn how to participate in a positive way so that it is not compromising one’s principles and opinions or that of the organization.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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