Why Utilize Psychometric Assessments During the Recruitment Process

Psychometric tests are used by some employers during their hiring process to evaluate a candidate better and hopefully find the best person for the position. For employers, psychometric tests can measure a candidate's future performance and hopefully improve employee retention by making successful hiring decisions.

What are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests refer to various tests and tools that measure a candidate's suitability for a position or organization. These tests cover different areas and topics.

Psychometric proficiency tests measure a candidate's abilities and intelligence levels and help examine their suitability related to numerical, verbal, and logical skills to determine the problem-solving and speed of information processing.

Other psychometric assessments examine personality, behavior, and emotional intelligence to see how candidates communicate and their leadership potential.

Why are Psychometric tests used in the hiring process?

Candidates are typically evaluated by looking at their resume or cover letter, conducting an interview (or series of interviews), and assigning them a task or project.

Psychometric recruiting tools provide more detailed and insightful information than these traditional evaluation methods. They can help assess competence and personality and examine aspects such as a person's communication style, emotional intelligence, and behavior, as they are related to the workplace.

These insights allow employers to determine how well you could work within a team, your management style, and your willingness to, for example, follow the rules or take risks. These are all important indicators in determining whether someone is suitable for a job within a particular company.