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Women Empowerment: Are We Witnessing A Change In Direction?

All our lives we have grown up hearing about the social topic "Women Empowerment". We have written essays on women empowerment and took part in debates. All the protests that take place around the globe; have they made a difference? The answer to this question has always been controversial. Even in the most advanced countries, there are issues surrounding women empowerment that have held numerous women back. But what exactly is women empowerment?

What is women empowerment?

Women Empowerment means raising the status of women by supporting them in different aspects of their life such as political, social, economic, as well as professional. Allowing women to redefine gender roles so that they can make important decisions, which has been restricted for a long time.

Even though we have secured various rights after getting independence; due to society’s mindset women have just been a little behind. Different countries have given women the right to vote at their own times and terms. We see women entrepreneurs, women athletes, women scientists, women astronauts and so many more things that a woman can be if given the opportunity.

But what are some of the rudimentary things that women should be empowered to do?

Allow women to be represented at different levels in different careers. More women involved in legislatures and politics will help the country develop in a better way which will be beneficial for both the genders of society. Promoting women to decision making posts in organizations and giving them access to make those decisions without being mocked by misogynistic remarks for their professional success.

Education is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life. Education gives us enough knowledge so that we can make important decisions and separate right from wrong. Even though diverse countries have made this the basic right to all, societal pressure has held women back from getting a complete education.

Wage Gap has been a significant factor in the empowerment of women. Studies have shown that women often get lower wage pay than their male counterparts even with the same qualifications and experiences. The general view that women cannot juggle their professional and personal life has been an excuse for the longest time in such matters. Encouraging men to take equal household responsibilities is an easy answer to this. However, centuries of tradition have made this idea difficult for people. Hence, a lot of celebrities and public figures are standing up and fighting for it.

Another critical factor is eliminating all kinds of violence towards women. Experiencing domestic abuse, rape, mental pressure of responsibilities, and being forced into sex trafficking have held women in a constant state of fear throughout their lives. Eliminating violence will not only give women a sense of confidence but also a morale boost to achieve their dreams without the horror of trauma.

Reduce Unemployment rates. No country can progress if a lot of women are isolated from its population and no economic progress can be achieved if women are denied opportunities. It has been witnessed that women bring unique ways of intelligence, flair, philosophies, and emotional response to the workplace. With women any country can achieve evolution and sustainability along with reduction in unemployment rates.

Fights against the Feminization of Poverty. Gender balance will help significantly in eliminating the feminization of poverty. However, the increased gap between men and women creates increased deprivation as well as scarcity. To eradicate this stereotype, women should be given rights to land and business ownership in the communities without bias. Sustainable development will lie on eliminating discrimination to women by creating more opportunities for both employment and education.

Why shouldn’t a woman be a part of a work environment which is traditionally dominated by men? For instance, in the corporate worlds, industries like law, engineering and in the creative field – majority of sports still give recognition to the male players over the female players, which is unfair. Let us transform this world into a better place by empowering the women in our lives. So, women do not struggle for their basic rights.


Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla

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