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  • 6 Ways to deal with a job search Stress

    We all go through important transformational periods in our lives that have the potential to negatively impact our mental health, and a job search is one of them. Even if you're usually an upbeat and happy person, leaving a job and looking for a new one may be an unpleasant and difficult experience - especially if the process is taking longer than you anticipated. Extensive unemployment and underemployment, according to studies, can have a long-term negative influence on a job seeker's physical and emotional health. While looking for work can be a draining and demotivating experience, it's critical to manage workplace stress in a healthy way in order to stay productive and generate positive outcomes. We understand that finding a job may be challenging and keeping your motivation can be much more difficult. To help you to reduce stress when looking for a new career, there are certain ways on how to deal with job stress. 1. Positive thinking should be encouraged If you feed your brain negative reviews, it will produce stress hormones, which will increase your negative outlook and have a severe impact on your mental health. Poor thoughts lead to negative outcomes! This is a vicious circle that keeps you trapped in an endless cycle of tension and anxiety, preventing you from being productive. It is difficult, but not impossible to break out from this pattern. The most effective strategy to deal with job stress is to promote positive thinking. Participate in activities that will improve your view on life and increase your productivity. You will, without a doubt, see striking results. 2. Be strategic in your approach Keep your objective in mind and make small daily progress toward it. This will give you the impression that you are productive and making progress. Even small activities like sending your CV to a hiring manager or bookmarking a few job openings can help you to stay motivated while also moving you closer to achieving your goal. 3. Patience should be practiced It's important to remember that nothing in life is easy. All you can do is give it your all while remaining patient and optimistic. Recruiters often take weeks to react to applications or make any useful decisions, making the job search process slow and stressful. Rather than stressing or overthinking, stay calm and focus on backup plans, changing your timeframe. Everything happens when it's supposed to. 4. Calm down a bit The effort that comes with job hunting can be demanding, and if it isn't managed properly, it can rapidly lead to a burnout. Set clear parameters for job seeking and application, just like you would for any other workload, and allow yourself to take a break outside of these hours. 5. Set clear objectives When you start looking for work, there are a lot of options available, but it's crucial not to try to pursue them all at once. Not only will this increase your stress levels, but it will also make your job search more tiring. Whatever your goals are, keep track of your progress every day and ask yourself if they're reasonable; otherwise, you might be setting yourself up for stress before you've even started. 6. Ask for assistance Asking for help is one of the most difficult things to do when you're worried, but it's also one of the most effective tools a job search has. Help and information can be found on websites of local authorities and Job centers, as well as on numerous recruiting sites, forums, and local libraries. You can also enlist the support of friends and family to keep track of changes, check CVs and cover letters, and roleplay interviews. Written by: Millennial HR Consultant Follow Us On Social Media Platforms! FB: @millennialhrconsultant Instagram: @millennialhrconsultant LinkedIn: @millennialhrconsultant Pinterest: @millennialhrconsultant Twitter: @millennial_hrc

  • The Importance Of HR Planning And Recruitment Software

    What is the difference between HR planning and recruitment software? Human resource planning is a systematic and planned method for assessing the HR services in Dubai and existing human resource situations and forecasting future labor requirements. Human resource planning, also known as workforce planning, helps businesses attract, retain, and optimize the people they need to achieve strategic business goals and respond to market and general environment changes. With recruitment software onboard, your HR agency in Dubai can automate a number of hiring processes, freeing up time to focus on more difficult tasks. Automation not only saves time but also allows you to reach out to a bigger pool of prospects and identify the ideal employees. Continue reading to learn more about what else recruitment software has to offer. The relevance of recruitment software for every company can be explained by the following reasons: 1. Accelerate the hiring process: The HR agency in Dubai can get all the information needed and contact both prospects and employers from anywhere and at any time of day, and you'll always be up to date because all updates are made to the system automatically. It allows you to cut down on the time it takes to find and recruit qualified candidates. 2. Expand your database: When you can keep all of your resumes and job applications in one location, there's no need to go through heaps of papers. You may also allow candidates to log in and publish their own resumes, allowing you to reach a larger audience. 3. Improve the quality of your hires: You may classify the received CVs into various categories and then filter them while searching for people with specific skills using HR services in Dubai. Storing all of the resumes in one place allows you to find better candidates in a much shorter amount of time. As a consequence, you'll be able to match qualified people to appropriate job positions. 4. Improve your communication skills and efficiency: Reduces the amount of time it takes to communicate and increases the efficiency of the process. When it comes to recruiting, it's crucial to act promptly and communicate effectively with both internal employees and potential candidates. This type of software can give you a variety of useful communication tools as well as the ability to automate tasks such as email responses. Using recruitment tools, you may greatly expand your communication channels and keep candidates updated. 5. Reduces the amount of time spent on time-consuming tasks: When it comes to recruitment, there are a lot of boring activities to complete, such as filling out paperwork and applications. Recruiting software can help speed up the entire process and cut down on the amount of time it takes to execute these repetitive, time-consuming procedures of the HR consultancy in Dubai. 6. The hiring process is made more efficient with the help of automation: Another significant advantage is that internet recruitment software can eliminate the need for human recruiting. Jobs can be automated in a variety of ways, and they can even be planned for specified times or days. This automation provides you with more control and allows you to focus on other areas of the process, such as conducting in-depth interviews and analyzing your shortlist of prospects. 7. Keep important information safe: During the hiring process, you receive access to each candidate's most personal information. When you choose a recruiting software solution, HR consultants in Dubai can be assured that they are all kept in one private and encrypted location, accessible only by you and your team. The relevance of HR planning for every company can be explained by the following reasons: 1. Making certain the proper people are hired: A well-thought-out HR agency in Dubai aids organizations in attracting the best candidate for the job. This is particularly vital for any type of specialist work that necessitates a specific experience or understanding, but it can also apply to more general professions. Finding an employee with the proper attitude, for example, may make a huge difference in a convenience store customer experience. 2. Assisting with growth programs: If your company intends to grow, human resource planning can assist you in doing so with minimal growing pains. If you know there will be six positions in the future year, you can start recruiting for them now rather than waiting until it's too late. 3. Managerial functions: Planning, organizing, leading, directing, and controlling (POLDC) are the five managerial responsibilities that require human resources to carry out. Human resources aid in the effective and efficient completion of all of these managerial tasks. As a result, HR services in Dubai are required for all managerial activities. 4. Motivation: Organizational citizens, regardless of their rank, require motivation. In addition to placing the right persons in the correct jobs, the staffing role includes numerous incentive programs. Launching financial and non-financial motivational schemes, such as reward plans, is critical. To meet both inner and extrinsic drives, all sorts of incentive plans become an integral element of the staffing role. 5. Human Resources Appropriately Utilized: Human resource planning assesses how well a business acquires and deploys manpower to meet its goals. Human resource planning aids in the evaluation and recruitment of qualified personnel. HR consultancy in Dubai focuses on making the best use of human resources in order to reduce total production costs. 6. Having a pool of highly skilled people: As the business climate changes, occupations have become more difficult to fill, and there is a greater demand for dynamic and ambitious employees to fill such roles. Attracting and retaining highly qualified, highly skilled, and talented personnel necessitate effective HRP. 7. Coping with Change: Adjustments in the corporate environment, such as competition, technology, regulatory guidelines, and the global market, cause employment changes. This entails changes in people demands, job content, required qualifications, and experience. HR Consultant in Dubai assists the company in adapting to new changes. Human resource planning and recruitment software give business leaders more freedom to focus on meeting goals that drive revenue rather than dealing with administrative issues and employee documentation, in addition to establishing seamless and efficient staff management and future workforce development approach. And, thanks to a variety of alternatives in the HR services in Dubai, these aren't just for large enterprises with hundreds of employees — they're also available to small and medium-sized firms. Written by: Millennial HR Consultant Follow Us On Social Media Platforms! FB: @millennialhrconsultant Instagram: @millennialhrconsultant LinkedIn: @millennialhrconsultant Pinterest: @millennialhrconsultant Twitter: @millennial_hrc

  • What are the advantages of hiring a human resource management company in the UAE?

    What is a human resource management company? Human resource management companies help the organization in the management of the employees. The main aim of hiring an HR agency in UAE is to maintain efficiency in work and the increasing competent workforce. It is not just a management team, but it manages different important tasks of the firms. The activities managed by the HR department are the training, hiring processes, fixing compensations, managing promotions, and many other tasks. It is notably the most important department in any organization for regulating all the processes associated with the employees. Why is a human resource company in demand In Dubai? The size and the turnover of the companies don’t matter in this case. All companies need a serious team of HR consultants in Dubai who can manage all the tasks of the management. It is like a central unit for the development and growth of employees and eventually the company. An advanced company is formed because of refined employees that are passionately working towards the productivity of the company. Their determination in their skills is the essential factor for the organization’s success and extended business. All the workforce of any company in Dubai cannot be managed in the right direction without the human resource department. If the human resource management company in UAE has a team of members with the right skill sets, then it provides long-term benefits to the firm. Human resource management companies in Dubai are beneficial for the employees also in several ways. It gives the workforce the right of sharing their issues and their concerns, hence making it a healthy and highly productive environment for the employees. The HR consultancy is also responsible for maintaining healthy inter-firm relationships between the organizations. Their other tasks include representing their firm and publicizing their name in a positive direction. What if there is no HR management team? It would stay behind in terms of productivity if the organizations do not have a properly structured HR team. The team of employees is unhappy, complaining frequently, and most probably leaves the workplace within a few months of joining. The company lacks structured work, and no implementation is done properly. For avoiding all such situations, HR services in Dubai are required for a firm. A few of the basic tasks of the Human Resource team are: ● Recruiting employees for projects ● Channelizing Talent Management ● Managing the training and development ● Giving orientation ● Promoting healthy environment ● Maintaining and developing inter-firm relationships ● Medical and safety measures ● Preparing structured schedules ● Managing meetings and conferences ● Performing an important task for the growth of the organization If you are still confused, why to hire an HR consultancy in Dubai then following are other advantages that you must know as the owner of a working body: 1. Managing the conflicts of the workplace Conflicts are a part of everyone’s life and the same happens often in the workplace too. Such conflicts can affect the environment of the workplace, disturbing the decorum of the company. The talent management company in Dubai forms the measures and deal with the conflicts one to one. 2. Building performance management strategy It is the primary way of encouraging the workforce to stay productive in their working area. The HR service providers in UAE utilize the various strategies, formation for motivating the employees every day. They find different ways of rewarding employees or giving them points against the hard work. 3. Working on increasing the organizational effectiveness The human resource team is also responsible for this task of zero wastage by increasing the efficiency of the firm. The HR team controls the usage of the resources and employs the skills of different employees for the right task. This is done for maintaining zero wastage and increasing organizational productivity in every possible way. 4. Promoting a healthy working environment An unhealthy working environment is of no benefit to the employees or the firm. The HR company maintains a very healthy working environment for the employees so they can be productive and enjoy their work. They form strategies by finding the necessary steps for maintaining a workable and livable environment in an office. 5. Improves relations between employees and company A healthy relationship is not just the working environment, but it is also considered by the employee and company relationship. The HR management team is also responsible for taking actions on behalf of the organization. The team plans and acts as per the requirements and expectations of the employee to maintain a good relationship between them. 6. Providing access to better tools and technology High-quality tools and technology can enhance the working, leading to enhanced productivity. The company needs better tools and techniques for keeping their work updated and ahead in the league. The Human Resource department manages and provides the tools, software, and technology that can serve for better performance and results to the company. 7. Ensuring compliance Certain legal rules and regulations are formed for the companies for maintaining the law and order in workplaces also. Failing to follow those legal rules can cause damage to the company’s reputation in the market. The Human Resource companies in Dubai ensure that the organization adheres to all the legal rules. This is done to protect the firm from any legal cases or financial penalties. All these points are considered under the main functions of the human resource management company in the UAE. Every firm needs to appoint a team of human resource management for the important tasks. They can keep the employees away from all the basic yet important tasks and maintain productivity in the company. If productivity is increased, then it can lead to several other benefits in an organization. The benefits can be turned into the expansion of the business and big teams that will eventually give more profits. There are many Professional HR consultants in Dubai that have efficiently worked with different firms. They are easily contactable for further discussion about hiring. Written by: Millennial HR Consultant Follow Us On Social Media Platforms! FB: @millennialhrconsultant Instagram: @millennialhrconsultant LinkedIn: @millennialhrconsultant Pinterest: @millennialhrconsultant Twitter: @millennial_hrc

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  • Millennial HR Consultant | Talent Management Solutions | Dubai - UAE

    Top of Page About Services Testimonials Instagram Feed Blog Contact Let's Start a Project Together CHOOSE YOUR FUTURE THROUGH US ABOUT us Millennial HR Consultant is a versatile multi-disciplinary human resource consulting firm. We support organizations to find the right balance between Human Resources and the company’s results in terms of growth. At Millennial HR Consultant we have highly qualified experts who can help setting up the right platform for successful business operations. ​ The concrete results are guaranteed with end to end support for your HR needs. The process-oriented approach of our experts can help streamline your HR requirements and set things in place for appropriate functionality. We have a wide range of services that can be lined up from Recruitment till Skill Upgradation. ​ As a comprehensive HR firm, we offer recruitment as an outsourced package too. That means to say, leave your recruitment hassles to us. Give us your requirements and we shall fix the right talent in the right seat. Moreover, finding expert talent becomes a difficult task. And prime roles in your organization requires an elite level of expertise. The well-skilled professionals at Millennial HR Consultant can help to close this requirement quickly. ​ Training your employees to be in top-notch form is also undertaken by our professionals. Be it a technical skillset or a non-technical behavioural skill set. We at Millennial HR Consultant ensure all your employees are trained to face the new world challenges in your business. ​ The great asset is our team. The blend of vast experience and dynamic ability is rare to find. Millennial HR Consultant is proud to have such trained experts who can deliver nothing but the best for any organization. ​ We not only focus on serving small/start-up organizations but can also support medium to large corporations that require guidance in outsourcing their HR needs. why choose us? Millennial HR Consultant is a high-profile talent management solutions company that supports any organization with HR requirements. Excellence being the word, the organization shows the same in action. With amazingly skilled staff, Millennial HR Consultant is incomparable with many HR organizations worldwide. The reason why people choose us and why we must be a part of your organization? ​ Highly Skilled Professionals: Meeting the current demands of Human Resources is a skilled task. An HR organization must have a skilled workforce to facilitate the same. The support that we offer right from the beginning was successful only because of our highly experienced professionals. ​ Customized Services: This is the versatility of Millennial HR Consultant . We have a wide range of services; these services can also be made to work specifically for your requirements. The spectrum of services that we have is a must need for any organization who is looking at massive growth. More importantly, if the problems of Human Resources are avoided, the rest can be a cakewalk. ​ Dependable Nature: This is a quality assurance part of our services. Many clients still stay with us for the quality of services that we offer. We know that we are in a field that must have negligible error percentage. An error here and there may cost the business a bomb. The quality of services that we offer, is making us highly dependable and shall remain with you for a longer period to solve all your HR problems. ​ Consistency: This adds to the execution part. The consistency of delivering results is highly spoken by our clients to date. The impact that the organization must-have in the market is triggered by the root. The action steps taken are consistently monitored to deliver the best results for you. More importantly, the reliability factor is what stands out in our services all these years. About Me Mission & Vision Meet the Team Latest Blog Testimonials Instagram Feed SERVICES You must feel sometimes your company is not performing well even after spending a lot for the betterment. So, what might be the exact reason? Financial resources? OH, it is Human Resources? Then why you need to worry when Millennial HR Consultant is there for all your Talent Management Solutions. Millennial HR Consultant supports your staff in learning to raise their confidence and enable them to increase the profits of your company. Our company’s fundamental aim is to assist in human resources management and provide substantial support through the development of techniques and activities intended to boost profitability, performance, connectivity, and staff satisfaction. We deal with all the HR related difficulties for companies as well as individuals such as Recruitment, Training & Development, CV writing, and 1:1 coaching. ​ Millennial HR Consultant can offer you a concrete, effective result to all your HR requirements by reaching out to us for a free initial assessment to identify your needs. We are a young company with a vibrant pool of experts from a variety of industries and experiences. Our global team of diverse nationalities are all brought together by our passion towards making businesses better. ​ We have facilitated lasting change in numerous companies and enterprises across a variety of industries such as the oil and gas, engineering, industrial, retail and hospitality sectors. With industry experts making up our diverse and multi - disciplined team, we have the best talent and tools in the trade to help you improve your business. Our operating methodology includes us embedding experts within your organisation to ensure that the business excellence implementation is profound. Our experts also conduct professional and certified coaching through which individuals can bridge the gaps in their skills set. Why Millennial HR Consultant? Because we make your business, our business. ​ ​1. CV Writing Your Curriculum Vitae is the most official paper in your application form; therefore, writing a powerful resume is essential. Please do not ignore that getting a remarkable curriculum vitae will support you in grasping the focus of the hiring managers, as first observations about how your curriculum vitae will be portrayed with them is a massive factor in whether your CV will migrate to next stage of the selection process. Would you like to differentiate your "CV" from the rest? A well-constructed curriculum vitae is your entrance to your next employer's door, so make sure you improve your curriculum vitae with the help of skilled writing experts'. 2. One to one Coaching (1:1) Coaching as experts would relate is an approach of working towards producing exceptional set of results whether it might be in your life, career, business, or organization. This can be accomplished through the help of being mentored by qualified experts in the field. The benefits are extensive and can affect the organization positively and the employees as well in their careers. The group of Millennial HR Consultant’s comprises of several professionals from numerous industries that have the desire to mentor and guide individuals with valuable advice so they can progress in their career or life. 3. Recruitment Services Would you like to subcontract your whole recruiting process and get help if necessary? In the modern-day where matters are evolving at a rapid rate, the recruitment process can be a hectic task for any organization. So, why not have the liberty to outsource these services to a Recruiter who had help you find the right puzzle pieces for your organization. We personalize the method according to your needs. We offer recruitment services such as executive search, white & blue-collar staffing from junior up to senior level and help in hiring short term staffing. 4. Training Training can be analysed as among the best practices in talent management. Most of all, if you have hired the best candidates, you would like to ensure that they remain the top contenders. Training sessions can be rolled out with the help of professional development agencies that can enable them to develop their skills and drive their career forward. We understand that neither two companies are precisely the same, so any alternative that is established is tailored to your needs. We train individuals and groups via face-to-face or virtual training on a preference of world-class core subjects shared across different professions. We strive to help companies get more out of their projects. We do this by introducing world-class management and performance development processes that allow organizations to reach their priorities. "Click on learn more in each element listed below" to find out more information on what each service entails. CV WRITING CV Wizard Specialist Share Learn More ONE-TO-ONE COACHING 1:1 Coaching Sessions Share Learn More RECRUITMENT Executive Search, White & Blue Collar Staffing Share Learn More TRAINING Standard Training, Workshops, Seminars, Coaching Share Learn More testimonials "Don't take our word for it - here's what our clients have to say about our services" Instagram FEED Follow our latest posts on Instagram @millennialhrconsultant and don't forget to comment, like, and share. Latest Blog The Importance Of HR Planning And Recruitment Software 24 3 likes. Post not marked as liked 3 What are the advantages of hiring a human resource management company in the UAE? 32 3 likes. Post not marked as liked 3 Why Hiring A Talent Management Company Is Very Important In UAE? 27 4 likes. Post not marked as liked 4 Want to read more of our blogs on other interesting topics? Read More

  • | Millennial HR

    "Welcome To Millennial HR Consultant" Please watch our Corporate Video, and then review the services we offer. Additionally, you can subscribe below to receive news from us. > Thanks for submitting. Discover Our Services

  • Millennial HR Consultant | Meet the Team | Dubai - UAE

    MEET THE Team We have partnered with Professional Training Experts from a range of different backgrounds, nationalities, and disciplines. The team specialise in Quality & Continuous Improvement, Management & Leadership, Health & Safety, Soft Skills Coaching, and Software Coaching. Apart from this we are affiliated with CV Writing Wizards, Recruitment professionals and Client Acquisition Specialists. Training Experts Is an educator, a catalyst for change, and a facilitator of success in improvement programs for various organizations and industries around the world. An Aerospace Engineer by education and a high influence change agent by practice has designed, created, deployed, and managed business transformation projects for companies including Shell, BP Iraq, General Electric and many more. A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and an expert in Leadership and High-performance team development, he has provided training and coaching for organizations in Europe, Asia Pacific, South Asia, and the Middle East. ​ An advanced practitioner of NLP and Emotional Intelligence Techniques for performance improvement. He has developed and run multiple leadership and change management programs in the UK, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. In addition to this he has the experience of guiding multiple industries including Oil and Gas, Minerals, Energy, Industrial, Utilities, Sports teams and many more. ​ An Executive leader of Operational Excellence and Business Process Improvement with expertise in multiple methodologies, including Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Value Chain management. Expert in establishing improvement programs and managing organizational change to achieve maximum results. Proven talent for analysing business requirements to optimize variables including process variations, bottlenecks, waste, and equipment/manpower utilization, in both production and administrative environments. Qualifications:- Certified Master Lean Practitioner | Certified Six Sigma BB | Idip NEBOSH ​ An expert in High Performance teams and high-performance leadership. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring, and is a Practitioner of NLP, Timeline and Hypnotherapy (British Board of NLP). With his experience in the British Royal Marines and his research into Leadership, he is a specialist in Leadership development, team effectiveness, organisational culture, change management, and executive coaching. ​ A graduate of Oxford university and has held multiple positions of influence within multinational firms ranging from EY to BP in Azerbaijan. A financial expert and has served in positions such as treasury manager. Is an independent financial / commercial consultant and conducts world class coaching session on topics related to Finance. ​ Recruitment Professionals Top-notch recruitment expert with over 15+ years of experience in headhunting, sourcing, screening, and placing the right talent in each role. History of working in industries like Oil & Gas, Retail, FMCG, Telecommunications, Facilities Management, and Hospitality. Subject Matter expert in white & blue collar staffing as well. ​ Seasoned Recruiter with 12+ years of experience recruiting within multiple industries from Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Aviation, F&B, and many more. Proven track record of end to end Recruitment in-house & within an agency and recruiting both white & blue collar staffing roles. ​ CV Writing Wizards A decade's knowledge in writing, copywriting, and marketing. Specialist listener with robust technical skills and highly established market awareness with a global approach. Expert in writing meticulous targeted CV’s with precision and elegance that deliver results. ​ Brings distinctive experience with a deep history of content writing, blogging, and social media management over the course of my career of 7+ years. Carefully crafting success-based CV's and helping others to unlock their true potential and value for an organization. I am passionate about graphic design and helping others to thrive and possess a sharp sense for detail. ​ Client Acquisition Specialists Passionate business development professional that possesses a large network of connections along with a solid track record of over 8+ years in selling recruitment & training solutions to clients across multiple regions. ​

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