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    • LinkedIn: Why Is It Important For Your Brand Value?

      LinkedIn is such a powerful platform with so many opportunities and professionals who are looking to either provide a job or business opportunity. It has more than 610 million users and is used in more than 220 countries and worldwide. Also, this turns out to be the best platform for having professional contacts and associations. Further, it is unrivalled when it comes to having business dealings. It is the perfect asset for any business. Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Crucial For Running Your Business 1. Promoting business LinkedIn's home page allows businesses to target a specific audience. The company page pushes the brand which helps nurture leads. Additionally, this increases the visibility of the business. All the partners, employees, and job candidates comprise the community driving the company's growth through meaningful conversations. 2. The growing reach of the audience The success of the business depends on the customer's base. LinkedIn helps in connecting with the customers to have a larger reach for selling products & services. Companies can always develop brand awareness by all the advanced searches and reaching out to the target audiences. Furthermore, just do a quick search to see all the potential customers. All the users will add you to their network, increasing the reach of the business along with the brand. 3. Support the external website Using social media, you can drive traffic to the website or landing pages you prefer. The company page should be a great one giving a glimpse of the business to the users. It is the outlet that will help you in providing shareable content that the target audience will find helpful and beneficial. As per reports, around 46% of social media traffic from visiting B2B companies come from LinkedIn. Your landing page should have a great UX giving the LinkedIn user a tailored experience that they will love. 4. Engaging the top talent The top talent present in the world uses LinkedIn as their preferred platform to connect with potential customers, and this helps in the growth of the professional network. You can find some premium packages for LinkedIn that are so much more accessible. You can enjoy unlimited browsing capabilities to search for new work projects or partners. 5. Nurturing the potential clients and customers If you want to educate all the potential clients, LinkedIn is the best website for that. In addition, users can talk about the products that they want to get delivered. You can educate your customers regarding the products and services that you are dealing with using LinkedIn. It is a fast and progressive website, and you will love working with it. 6. Improving the credibility of the brand Creating rich and relevant content is so important that it will allow you to become a leader in the industry space. Share the knowledge that you gained from the experiences of having a business for inspiring others. This way, people will come to know of your brand, and the credibility will increase manifold. LinkedIn is the best platform for improving the brand value of your company whether you are looking to grow your network, increase your online reputation, attract niche employees, or generate new leads to improve your business. Not only you can engage with others but also by commenting on their posts to add value & increase your brand value. Whether you are a small or large firm, it is highly recommended for one to have a LinkedIn company page to showcase what they have to offer to the community. Do not forget you can subscribe for free as well if you are not looking to get the premium packages, so what you are waiting for! Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla Follow Us On Social Media Platforms! FB: @millennialhrconsultant Instagram: @millennialhrconsultant LinkedIn: @millennialhrconsultant Pinterest: @millennialhrconsultant Twitter: @millennial_hrc

    • Corporate Social Responsibility: Does It Prevail?

      CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is reshaping the process companies do business. Set solely, CSR contains a company’s environmental and social initiatives, whether bestowing to non-profits or emergency relief arrangements, becoming connected within the area or catching steps to grow up more continual and power efficient. This runs ahead of traditional humanitarianism, however, because it has practical conclusions on the bottom line of a company—data reveals that buyers prefer organizations that prioritize environmental and social responsibility. Also, not only buyers are listening. Possible investors and workers also think about a corporate social responsibility model of a company and tend to figure with organizations that dividend their values. The modern customers vote among their wallets and obtain trademarks that represent an object that coordinates along with their values. As per statistics, three out of five customers are feeling to pay a larger sum for goods produced by companies which are responsible for society and 67% of customers would spend full cost for an item that helps a beginner instead of buying singles at a reduced price. While there are some ways to speak your trademark’s purpose and benefits, CSR plans offer a strong platform to valve into customer sentiments and relate with your audience. As Gen Z and millennial started dominating the forum, this suggests social media and CSR are intimately twisted. Trademarks that accurately leverage social communications to speak CSR actions have the chance to speak broader information which will strengthen your trademark identity, moving ahead merchandises and assistance to promote customer to build trust, loyalty and provoke capable word of mouth. Corporate Social Responsibility represents an organization’s efforts to enhance society, starting from donating funds to social service agencies in implementing continual initiatives in exacerbating and procurement. Corporate Social Responsibility is getting many companies’ attention because of the increase of “CorpSumers” – a newly fabricated consumer portion that is extremely loyal to trademarks that regulate with their benefits. They consider that a brand’s reputation and mission is simply as important if less so than its outcomes. CorpSumers structure a large portion of the community with high spending strength and they are expressed about the trademarks that they help. For instance, 76% of them have inspired others to shop from a brand because they need to support the corporation that creates the merchandise. Besides fascinating to the present new customer segment that recognizes companies to be decisive change agencies in society, companies can enjoy corporate social responsibility initiatives within the following ways: Develop their public icon: purchasing from a brand that features a positive influence on society makes customers feel good. A promising public icon helps increase your ability, grow customer loyalty, and develop goodwill. Boost employee appointment: workers that are pleased with the social responsibility crisis of the company are more retained in their positions. Your CSR event can help attract and employ talent that is mostly to be extra productive and artistic while lowering the turnover rate. Fulfilment media coverage: CSR initiatives afford opportunities to extend your brand’s publicity, develop your company’s reputation, develop brand fairness, and boost brand awareness. Stay compliant: Some CSR initiatives can serve to guide your company to avoid making ethically controversial decisions which will cause you to suffer public examination or maybe investigation from managerial bodies. Excite investors: CSR is friendly for the company and investors understand that. Both are more reasonable to be interested in and keep encouraging companies that are recognized as socially liable. To not mention, being related to an honest cause is great for their reputation. Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla Follow Us On Social Media Platforms! FB: @millennialhrconsultant Instagram: @millennialhrconsultant LinkedIn: @millennialhrconsultant Pinterest: @millennialhrconsultant Twitter: @millennial_hrc

    • Want To Reap Benefits In Future: Invest in Training & Development

      Training is a perfect opportunity to broaden the knowledge base of all workers, but many companies consider E-learning opportunities costly in the current environment. Employees attending training sessions often skip work time, which can hinder the completion of projects. Despite these possible disadvantages, however, E- training and development offer both individuals and organizations as whole benefits that make a worthwhile investment in time and expense. The return on investment from the preparation and growth of workers is no brainer at all. Better Performance of Workers Workers who undergo the requisite training are better able to do their job. Learning would give workers a greater understanding of their roles within their position and, in effect, develop their confidence. This trust will boost its overall efficiency, and that can only help the company. Knowledgeable employees, who are on top of evolving market trends, allow the business to remain a successful competitor in the market. Improved employee satisfaction and productivity An investment made by an organization in training shows that workers are respected. Training encourages employees to have access to training that they may not otherwise have learned or tried for themselves—employees who feel respected and challenged by training opportunities that feel more comfortable with their job. Addressing Weaknesses Some workers may have specific limitations in their abilities in the workplace. A training program helps you to develop the skills that each employee wants to improve. The development plan takes all workers to a higher level so that they all have similar skills and knowledge. This helps to reduce any poor connection within an organization that relies heavily on others to complete simple work tasks. Providing the requisite training provides an overall competent workforce of workers who can take over when required, work on teams or work independently without the continuous support and supervision of others. Consistency A robust training and development system ensure that workers have evident expertise and background information. Consistency is especially important to the necessary policies and procedures of the organization. Both staffs need to be mindful of the company's standards and procedures. Increased process efficiencies result in financial benefit for the client. Improved Efficiency and Adherence To Quality Standards Productivity typically improves when an organization conducts training courses. Improved production output will ensure the performance of the project, which in effect would increase the company’s profitability and future market share. Enhance the Image and Visibility of the Company A good and effective training plan helps to grow the employer brand and make the business a top priority and mid-career changes. Training also makes a company more appealing to potential new hires who want to develop their skills and the prospects associated with these new skills. Training may be of any nature applicable to the individual's job or duties and may be carried out by any suitable process. Given the form of training and growth, it needs to fit with the general trend of potential skills at the workplace, support the company's business goals and be implemented in a creative manner that represents the modern shift in the industry. Organizations in diversified working environment would need to realize that human capital is the most critical asset. Written by: Girish Rohra Chawla Follow Us On Social Media Platforms! FB: @millennialhrconsultant Instagram: @millennialhrconsultant LinkedIn: @millennialhrconsultant Pinterest: @millennialhrconsultant Twitter: @millennial_hrc

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    • Millennial HR Consultant | Talent Management Solutions | Dubai - UAE

      Top of Page About Services Testimonials Instagram Feed Blog Contact WORK WITH US? CHOOSE YOUR FUTURE THROUGH US ABOUT us is a versatile multi-disciplinary human resource consulting firm. We support organizations to find the right balance between Human Resources and the company’s results in terms of growth. At we have highly qualified experts who can help setting up the right platform for successful business operations. Millennial HR Consultant Millennial HR Consultant ​ The concrete results are guaranteed with end to end support for your HR needs. The process-oriented approach of our experts can help streamline your HR requirements and set things in place for appropriate functionality. We have a wide range of services that can be lined up from Recruitment till Skill Upgradation. ​ As a comprehensive HR firm, we offer recruitment as an outsourced package too. That means to say, leave your recruitment hassles to us. Give us your requirements and we shall fix the right talent in the right seat. Moreover, finding expert talent becomes a difficult task. And prime roles in your organization requires an elite level of expertise. The well-skilled professionals at can help to close this requirement quickly. Millennial HR Consultant ​ your employees to be in top-notch form is also undertaken by our professionals. Be it a technical skillset or a non-technical behavioural skill set. We at ensure all your employees are trained to face the new world challenges in your business. Training Millennial HR Consultant ​ The great asset is our team. The blend of vast experience and dynamic ability is rare to find. is proud to have such trained experts who can deliver nothing but the best for any organization. Millennial HR Consultant ​ We not only focus on serving but can also support that require in their small/start-up organizations medium to large corporations guidance outsourcing HR needs. why choose us? is a high-profile talent management solutions company that supports any organization with HR requirements. Excellence being the word, the organization shows the same in action. With amazingly skilled staff, is incomparable with many HR organizations worldwide. The reason why people choose us and why we must be a part of your organization? Millennial HR Consultant Millennial HR Consultant ​ Meeting the current demands of Human Resources is a skilled task. An HR organization must have a skilled workforce to facilitate the same. The support that we offer right from the beginning was successful only because of our highly experienced professionals. Highly Skilled Professionals: ​ This is the versatility of . We have a wide range of services; these services can also be made to work specifically for your requirements. The spectrum of services that we have is a must need for any organization who is looking at massive growth. More importantly, if the problems of Human Resources are avoided, the rest can be a cakewalk. Customized Services: Millennial HR Consultant ​ This is a quality assurance part of our services. Many clients still stay with us for the quality of services that we offer. We know that we are in a field that must have negligible error percentage. An error here and there may cost the business a bomb. The quality of services that we offer, is making us highly dependable and shall remain with you for a longer period to solve all your HR problems. Dependable Nature: ​ This adds to the execution part. The consistency of delivering results is highly spoken by our clients to date. The impact that the organization must-have in the market is triggered by the root. The action steps taken are consistently monitored to deliver the best results for you. More importantly, the reliability factor is what stands out in our services all these years. Consistency: About Me Mission & Vision Meet the Team Latest Blog Testimonials Instagram Feed SERVICES You must feel sometimes your company is not performing well even after spending a lot for the betterment. So, what might be the exact reason? Financial resources? OH, it is Human Resources? Then why you need to worry when is there for all your supports your staff in learning to raise their confidence and enable them to increase the profits of your company. Our company’s fundamental aim is to assist in human resources management and provide substantial support through the development of techniques and activities intended to boost profitability, performance, connectivity, and staff satisfaction. We deal with all the HR related difficulties for companies as well as individuals such as Millennial HR Consultant Talent Management Solutions. Millennial HR Consultant Recruitment, Training & Development, CV writing, and 1:1 coaching. ​ can offer you a concrete, effective result to all your HR requirements by reaching out to us for a free initial assessment to identify your needs. We are a young company with a vibrant pool of experts from a variety of industries and experiences. Our global team of diverse nationalities are all brought together by our passion towards making businesses better. Millennial HR Consultant ​ We have facilitated lasting change in numerous companies and enterprises across a variety of industries such as the oil and gas, engineering, industrial, retail and hospitality sectors. With industry experts making up our diverse and multi - disciplined team, we have the best talent and tools in the trade to help you improve your business. Our operating methodology includes us embedding experts within your organisation to ensure that the business excellence implementation is profound. Our experts also conduct professional and certified coaching through which individuals can bridge the gaps in their skills set. Because we make your business, our business. Why Millennial HR Consultant? ​ ​ 1. CV Writing Your Curriculum Vitae is the most official paper in your application form; therefore, writing a powerful resume is essential. Please do not ignore that getting a remarkable curriculum vitae will support you in grasping the focus of the hiring managers, as first observations about how your curriculum vitae will be portrayed with them is a massive factor in whether your CV will migrate to next stage of the selection process. Would you like to differentiate your "CV" from the rest? A well-constructed curriculum vitae is your entrance to your next employer's door, so make sure you improve your curriculum vitae with the help of skilled writing experts'. 2. One to one Coaching (1:1) Coaching as experts would relate is an approach of working towards producing exceptional set of results whether it might be in your life, career, business, or organization. This can be accomplished through the help of being mentored by qualified experts in the field. The benefits are extensive and can affect the organization positively and the employees as well in their careers. The group of Millennial HR Consultant’s comprises of several professionals from numerous industries that have the desire to mentor and guide individuals with valuable advice so they can progress in their career or life. 3. Recruitment Services Would you like to subcontract your whole recruiting process and get help if necessary? In the modern-day where matters are evolving at a rapid rate, the recruitment process can be a hectic task for any organization. So, why not have the liberty to outsource these services to a Recruiter who had help you find the right puzzle pieces for your organization. We personalize the method according to your needs. We offer recruitment services such as executive search, white & blue-collar staffing from junior up to senior level and help in hiring short term staffing. 4. Training Training can be analysed as among the best practices in talent management. Most of all, if you have hired the best candidates, you would like to ensure that they remain the top contenders. Training sessions can be rolled out with the help of professional development agencies that can enable them to develop their skills and drive their career forward. We understand that neither two companies are precisely the same, so any alternative that is established is tailored to your needs. We train individuals and groups on a preference of world-class core subjects shared across different professions. We strive to help companies get more out of their projects. We do this by introducing world-class management and performance development processes that allow organizations to reach their priorities. to find out more information on what each service entails. "Click on learn more in each element listed below" CV WRITING CV Wizard Specialist Share Learn More ONE-TO-ONE COACHING 1:1 Coaching Sessions Share Learn More RECRUITMENT Executive Search, White & Blue Collar Staffing Share Learn More TRAINING Standard Training, Workshops, Seminars, Coaching Share Learn More testimonials Don't take our word for it - here's what our clients have to say about our services! Instagram FEED Follow our latest posts on Instagram and don't forget to comment, like, and share! @millennialhrconsultant Latest Blog LinkedIn: Why Is It Important For Your Brand Value? 47 3 Corporate Social Responsibility: Does It Prevail? 18 3 Want To Reap Benefits In Future: Invest in Training & Development 18 3 Want to read more of our blogs on other interesting topics? Read More

    • Meet the Team | Millennial HR

      MEET THE Team We have partnered with Professional Training Experts from a range of different backgrounds, nationalities, and disciplines. The team specialise in Quality & Continuous Improvement, Management & Leadership, Health & Safety, Soft Skills Coaching, and Software Coaching. Apart from this we are affiliated with CV Writing Wizards & Recruitment professionals. Trainers Is an educator, a catalyst for change, and a facilitator of success in improvement programs for various organizations and industries around the world. An Aerospace Engineer by education and a high influence change agent by practice has designed, created, deployed, and managed business transformation projects for companies including Shell, BP Iraq, General Electric and many more. A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and an expert in Leadership and High-performance team development, he has provided training and coaching for organizations in Europe, Asia Pacific, South Asia, and the Middle East. ​ An advanced practitioner of NLP and Emotional Intelligence Techniques for performance improvement. He has developed and run multiple leadership and change management programs in the UK, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. In addition to this he has the experience of guiding multiple industries including Oil and Gas, Minerals, Energy, Industrial, Utilities, Sports teams and many more. ​ An Executive leader of Operational Excellence and Business Process Improvement with expertise in multiple methodologies, including Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Value Chain management. Expert in establishing improvement programs and managing organizational change to achieve maximum results. Proven talent for analysing business requirements to optimize variables including process variations, bottlenecks, waste, and equipment/manpower utilization, in both production and administrative environments. Certified Master Lean Practitioner | Certified Six Sigma BB | Idip NEBOSH Qualifications:- ​ An expert in High Performance teams and high-performance leadership. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring, and is a Practitioner of NLP, Timeline and Hypnotherapy (British Board of NLP). With his experience in the British Royal Marines and his research into Leadership, he is a specialist in Leadership development, team effectiveness, organisational culture, change management, and executive coaching. ​ A graduate of Oxford university and has held multiple positions of influence within multinational firms ranging from EY to BP in Azerbaijan. A financial expert and has served in positions such as treasury manager. Is an independent financial / commercial consultant and conducts world class coaching session on topics related to Finance. ​ Recruiters Top-notch recruitment expert with over 15+ years of experience in headhunting, sourcing, screening, and placing the right talent in each role. History of working in industries like Oil & Gas, Retail, FMCG, Telecommunications, Facilities Management, and Hospitality. Subject Matter expert in white & blue collar staffing as well. ​ Seasoned Recruiter with 12+ years of experience recruiting within multiple industries from Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Aviation, F&B, and many more. Proven track record of end to end Recruitment in-house & within an agency and recruiting both white & blue collar staffing roles. ​ CV Writing Wizards A decade's knowledge in writing, copywriting, and marketing. Specialist listener with robust technical skills and highly established market awareness with a global approach. Expert in writing meticulous targeted CV’s with precision and elegance that deliver results. ​ Brings distinctive experience with a deep history of content writing, blogging, and social media management over the course of my career of 7+ years. Carefully crafting success-based CV's and helping others to unlock their true potential and value for an organization. I am passionate about graphic design and helping others to thrive and possess a sharp sense for detail. ​

    • Millennial HR Consultant | Mission & Vision | Dubai - UAE

      MIssion & Vision Millennial HR Consultant is a complete one stop window solution for all your Talent Management Solution needs! We move towards being the leading Talent Management Solutions partner of choice for organizations by meeting their HR needs, enlightening their performance and adding significance to the organization. OUR VISION OUR MISSION STATEMENT To Develop, Provoke and Maintain a high performing and diverse workforce in order to foster a healthy, safe, and productive work environment for employees, departments in order to maximize individual and organizational potential in order to position Millennial HR Consultant as an Employer of Choice. ​ GOALS Valuing, Encouraging, and Supporting a Diverse Workforce. Continually Improving Individual and Organizational Effectiveness. Anticipating and Meeting the Changing Needs of the Workforce. Championing Career and Professional Growth. Creating and Enhancing Strategic Partnerships Enhancing Services through Technology VALUES We honour our commitments and conduct business in a manner that promotes fairness, respect, honesty, and trust. Promote Honesty, Integrity, and Trust: We encourage the diversity of thoughts, experiences, backgrounds and celebrate participation and partnership in all our endeavours. Celebrate Teamwork: We solicit the input of others and strive for transparency and inclusiveness. Encourage Communication: We have a passion for service and are committed to knowing our customers’ business, anticipating their needs whilst exceeding expectations. Focus on Our Customers: We are open to possibility and foster creativity and risk-taking to support continuous improvement. Embrace Change and Innovation: We are committed to becoming a continuously learning organization and accordingly, encourage learning of employees and maximize employees’ potential. Focus on Employee Development and Continuous Learning: We lead by example and advocate equitable treatment in our behaviours, policies, and practices. Model Leadership: We believe those we serve deserve excellent service in a safe productive healthy work environment and quality results. Promote Excellence:

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